Fool and Flagon Review

1 Feb

Fool and Flagon
Barton St. at Red Hill Parkway 905 573 7430

So for my 1st review of my sweet ass new wordpress blog, I have decided to go with Fool and Flagon at Barton and Nash. It was at one time part of the Firkin Group of Pubs, but went out of business, only to be revived by the building of the Red Hill Expressway. I have long heard from various sources about the awesome selection of wing flavours and generally really good wings, but being of the lazy persuasion, have never been, despite it being a mere 2 blocks tops from my ghetto palace of doom.

So finally Melissa’s insurance was in and off we finally embarked for the mythical wings, one Wednesday morning. Wednesday by the way, is their 59 cent wings special.

First thing I noticed was the decor, and I fell in love, crimson red, booths, with dark stained wood and a black border. A perfectly gothic looking and feeling dining room, a very minimalistic bar area, and a few flat screen LCD Tvs thru out.

Our server immediately greeted us and allowed us to choose our own seating- this is a practice I wish more restaurants would follow, many times my fat ass has had to be jammed into some undersized crushing booth of death/back and gut pain hell. but I digress. We were very promptly provided with menus and offered drinks, being me, depsite it being just past noon, I went with a pint of strongbow ($6.95), it was as cold as cold can be, and although it was a little overpriced, was really a good start, I love Strongbows tart and crisp taste, I quickly chugged it back. It was a good start for any meal.

Melissa decided to go with the Mexican Poutine ($8.95), one of their several of poutine varieties and I went with 20 pack of wings(on sale at 59 cents each) , there are 63 different varieties, you order by number, I went with hot honey m(#49) and 3rd degree burn(#46).

Our order arrived extremely fast, maybe less than 10 minutes, the wings were the typical lightly breaded, crispy kind, but on doing further research, they can also be ordered as naked. They were very large in size and very well sauced, in fact perfectly sauced. I first tried the hot honey m- a blend of honey mustard, honey garlic and hot sauce- and was very pleasantly surprised. The dominating flavor was definitely a very tangy and very strong honey mustard, these are listed in the hot selections but we both found them to be very mild, not that I am complaining however, I can definitely say I fell in love with the flavour and definitely recommend. The 3rd degree burn, were extremely hot, 5th degree is more like it, but in a god satisfying way, especially with the cold weather outside. While Melissa couldn’t really stand the heat, I found with the addition of the side blue cheese, was a beautiful contrast.

The only weak part of our experience was the mexican poutine. A very small – think small fries anywhere else, the mccain frozen variety, with some barely spiced chili, and some cheese curds. It was bland, overpriced and disappointing.

All in all, tho the poutine could not damper a very good experience, at a place I will very likely frequent- well atleast on Wednesdays. They also always have the UFC pay per views, so maybe I may end up there this weekend for 109, and with 40 wings and fries platter($34.99), it is definitely a great value.

Rating: 8 out of Ten

Definitely great wings, a visually stunning decor, decent service.
The hot honey M wings are my now all time favorite wing flavor.


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