Crabby Joes – 39 cent wing Tuesdays

3 Feb

140 Centennial Parkway North
Hamilton, ON

Our local Crabby Joes was recently renovated and being in very close proximity to our home, we decided to give it another try…- well that and the Crazy Clover is still closed for reno. – Now the night before this visit, I had attempted to go to Crabbys, in the middle of my drunken Frat Boy-esque rampage night – aww good times, good times – but ended up leaving after having not been served or seen by anyone in 25 + minutes- This is seriously the 1st time I have ever walked out of a restaurant, the 2nd time would come about 30 minutes later at Kelseys, for same basic issue, but that time the waitress did finally come over, after she stopped flirting up the place – so I was anticipating another bad experience. We went around noonish, and immediately I took notice that there were only 2 other people in the whole place, not a good sign in my mind. So we ordered 3 ten packs of wings(Tuesday special 39 cents a piece), 10 red thai flavor, 10 medium and at the recommendation of a good friend from highschool, 10 fire and ice. Melissa also ordered a load cheese fries($8.95).

Our food arrived very quickly, which one would expect, due to there volume, the loaded fries, well were indeed loaded, with bacon crumble, 3 cheese, sour cream, and green onions. I’m not really one for sour cream and I despise onions in all forms, but I have to give them credit, these were pretty damn good fries, far better than fool and flagon and much bigger portion, I would recommend this more as an entree or for 4 people as a starter. So I was pleasantly surprised…But enough of that, what I came for was the wings, all three types were yet again the dusted, breaded type and tossed in sauce. The medium was barely sauced at all, but the little flavor that was on it was very bland and boring, typical buffalo style blandness, they were by no means horrible, just plain and average at best. The red thai, were also very skimpily sauced, but they were very good, a sweet chili thai sauce with a very moderate amount of heat, but it went very well with the wing coating, these were Melissas favorite. The last was the fire and ice, and man my old friend was dead on, they were excellent. I was expecting a hot and mild kind of contrast type sauce, but was very wrong. The flavor, is a nice sweet, almost honey garlic, with a hint of heat. These wings were beautifully covered completely in sauce and were absolutely amazing, I can really see myself ordering these a lot, especially on Tuesdays. This is another of my new favorite flavors, however is still not as good as the hot honey M from Fool and Flagon.

All in all, it was an enjoyable experience, the service was good, I had also ordered a nicely cold Rickards White, it was not very good, but was not the bars fault. I definitely will return to Crabbys and recommend the fire and ice wings.

Rating: 8 out of 10
this place has definitely gotten it together better


One Response to “Crabby Joes – 39 cent wing Tuesdays”

  1. hazer772 January 14, 2011 at 6:25 am #

    On a kind of not surprising note, this location has went out of business, was around November area, there are some signs out front looking for a new franchisee, but it looks like it’s pretty much over…too bad too.

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