Pizza Bell

3 Feb

96 Centennial Parkway South,
Stoney Creek, ON


Pizza Bell has been on Centennial, for I bet over 10 years. I actually went their on the first day it was open, with Melanie, that almost seems like a lifetime ago. Well over the course of last few years, I had moved into this area and they had apparently recently changed owners. In the past I found it very hit and miss. They definitely have good prices, they are among the cheapest place around. But sometimes quality is lacking. I really dislike ordering delivery, you never know how it will turn out, there have been times when it was truly amazing – they have an unlimited topping special ($13.99 for large, $15.99 for Xlarge), that I used to frequently order for lazy nights in. Their topping selection is average and it is apparent that they use the same toppings as all the Mom and Pop types of places due- again hit and miss, the canned mushrooms are an atrocity-. So I found myself in need of a quick and cheap dinner option and we were wandering thru the area after a brief stop off at the mall and of course the LCBO.

They have an excellent special running right now for walk ins/ pick ups, 1 medium with 1 topping and 2 cans of pop ($4.99). This is the cheapest price on a medium pizza in town. But we decided, why not go for the gusto, and went with 1 Xlarge 1 topping and 1 dip ($8.00).
It was a little after lunch so it was prepared fairly quickly, we had decided to go with pepperoni and xtra sauce, well done.
The staff at pizza bell are normally hit and miss too, sometimes there have been issues with not washing hands after handling my cash, then prepping my pizza, but thankfully this time was not the case.

What about the pizza? you may ask. Well $8, plus tax. It was pretty damn good. There was adequate pepperoni, a little skimpy on the cheese, and the sauce, but for $8 what can you expect. It was still a very good pizza for a mom and pop operation. And their garlic dipping sauce-again a generic type at almost any mom and pop around here-
is definitely a hit. I think the only garlic dip I like better is the Hellmans made one that both Dominos and Pizza Hut carry.
All in all another good experience with Pizza Bell. I just wish they had some consistency and then I would frequent them more.

Rating: 7 out of Ten:
Note that is an overall of all my experiences there, this occasion would be an 8.


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