Harvest Burger

18 Feb

194 King Street West, Hamilton, ON
(905) 525-3233β€Ž

A couple weeks ago I set out downtown on a whim, in hopes to reconnect with my past on some levels. Laura and her kids also accompanied Melissa and myself, So I knew we would be in for a very entertaining kind of day. After an escalator related incident, involving Rayne, Laura and a retarded Janitor contractor, I found myself in dire need of lunch, and since we were at Jackson Square and had a bit of extra money why not an old Favorite – Harvest Burger.

Harvest Burger is a fixture of downtown, it was once apparently a drive up as well as an eat in, hell the deco is still trapped in the mid 70’s to early ’80’s, but lets face the facts, the deco is not why you would come here. I ordered my regular, a double burger combo with bacon and cheese and fries and a coke, Melissa went with a single cheeseburger combo, with fries and I also ordered a side of 10 hot wings. It was just under $30 for us alone, and we ended up buying Laura an assorted sub for around $5….a little steep for a sub.

The food was prepared as normal very fast and the server was extremely helpful and understanding, even with the 3 year old melt downs we had occasionally going on.

But I digress, the food is more the central issue here…. and yet again Harvest Burger did not disappoint. My burger was amazing as always, perfectly cooked and a great cheese to meat ratio, which is extremely important, and a lot of places often fail at. These burgers are the 2nd best I have ever had, the best being Tonys Subs on Main and Fairleigh, but these are a very close second. Just absolutely flawless. I of course went with my regular of mustard, mayo, pickles and hot peppers. The fries again, as usual were absolute perfection, fresh cut, not frozen, nicely crispy and i drowned them in malt vinegar and ketchup. An excellent combo as always. Now the wings however, hot was an understatement, these thing were fucking nuclear, so much so that I was the only one able to eat them. They were very crispy but very strange looking, almost artificial appearance wise, but the crispyness and juicyness of the meat was very good. However the sauce was far too hot for any of our likings and even the blue cheese dip could not numb it.

All in all another very awesome experience from a very consistent place, in fact I don’t think I have ever had a bad experience at this Harvest Burger. The food was outstanding and service was great, and hell even the old tacky green and blue vinyl booths will always have a place in my heart.

Rating: 9 out of Ten

A classic


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