Kings Buffet Review

18 Feb

200 Centennial Pkwy North (at Barton St E)
Hamilton, ON L8E 4A1
Bus: (905) 664-8898, Fax: (905) 664-8812

Kings Buffet, well the Hamilton location opened about a little over a year ago, in the plaza behind my house. It’s like the world is out to kill me with excess. I had even actually went to the opening day lunch service.

Kings reminds me a lot of the former Empress of China or its new incantation, Chans, a mid-sized, cheaper priced buffet. Also sadly much like the aforementioned it also suffers from very inconsistent quality and service. I have had some great meals at Kings and some of the worst ever.

After 2 very disappointing trips in last few months, once a dinner and once a lunch, laziness drew us to kings instead of Fool and Flagon and yet again, me and Melissa could not agree on the experience.
First thing off, it was lunch time, and threw no fault of their own, the place was packed, way over packed for our liking. Second thing, much to my horror, my absolute favorite dish, the medium spiced buffalo chicken was nowhere to be found….Not a good start at all. In its place was Kung Pao chicken, although it was a good effort, it was nowhere near as good as my beloved deep fried, sweet and spicy mistress. So I begrudgingly loaded my first plate, some sub par french toast, some very crispy but very gross tasting bland wings, some extremely soggy and poorly seasoned honey garlic wings, some excellent deep fried and crispy calamari, which I covered in the lemon chicken sauce. I must have had a mountain of bacon strips, they were cooked to perfection and absolutely irresistible, some very horrible, soggy sesame chicken, some mediocre chicken balls and a very burnt badly slice of cheese pizza. But there was some outstanding items too, the fries and gravy are very good as always, the unnamed / marked sushi roll I had was absolutely delectable, and the hot and sour soup, while alittle on the bitter side was extremely satisfying. But the highlight by far was the cheese cake bites, they were absolutely decadent, and adding a little blueberry jam topping just made them all the better.

All in all, again we walked away with a very different opinion from each other, Melissa really enjoyed it again, much like last time but I was yet again very disappointed but at $10.99 each, we definitely got our moneys worth.

Rating: this visit : 5 out of Ten
Overall : 7 out of Ten

Maybe I’ll give it another try again, but it still is far better than the China Buffet.


2 Responses to “Kings Buffet Review”

  1. hazer772 March 12, 2010 at 6:29 am #

    I had recently returned to King’s on a whim for a late lunch and again a very different experience. Still was no buffalo chicken- boooo.- but the food was very good this time as a whole, well besides from badly burnt cheese pizza…I just wish they could have some consistency …damnit

  2. hazer772 July 9, 2010 at 6:31 am #

    Buffalo chicken was back last visit!!!! But was clearly the batch they made at noon- we had went for dinner, so it was dried out and hard and cold…damn it King’s can’t you ever be consistent

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