Greek Palace Review

12 Mar

Greek Palace
30 John Street North
Hamilton ON

This past Monday, Melissa and myself went to see the Trailer Park Boys at Hamilton Place- which was an amazing show- having been finished at 1030pm, we decided to try to find a place to get something to eat and kill some more time before returning to the wreck of a hole we live in. Much to our surprise, as we ventured down King street east, nothing was open, besides a few variety stores. I was so hoping Christophers would be but shockingly even they were closed. So we were left really with 2 options, Pizza Pizza or My Buddies…well what used to be my buddies, home of very awesome, very cheap assorted subs. I had noticed immediately that something was amiss…. The sign had been changed to Greek Palace, so knowing that my buddys also specialized in Greek fare, I figured they merely changed the name as they have 2 other restaurants under My Buddys name. Man was I ever wrong.
So venturing in I noticed that the new owners had cleaned up the dining room and brightened it up a lot. The former incarnations one weak point was a dark dingey dining room. Also, much to my chagrin, there are no longer subs on the menu. So I decided to go with a cheese burger combo ($5.99) + taxes of course, Melissa went
with a medium poutine ($3.99). Right away to my dismay, I watched the cook go into the back and bring out a generic frozen burger patty and some frozen fries. After a fairly short wait, we were given our food and despite asking for it as eat in, we were promptly given it as a to go, I had noted that they were closing within 30 minutes and I suppose this was their subtle way of letting us know. So we left and decided to just eat at the bus stop. Now the fries were just plain dreadful, generic cheap brand fries, cooked in a very noticeable corn oil. The overwhelming taste was the horrible sour corn oil taste, even worse was the generic brand watery ketchup packs. Melissa’s poutine was only slightly better, the over salted gravy did effectively cover up the oil taste a bit, but was still not even passable flavor wise. And the burger….well it was bland and soggy, from being frozen more than likely and was very clearly one of the frozen store brand variety, and not just that but the lowest grade one. The pickles on the burger were pretty damn good tho.

All in all this was a horrible experience, the only highlight being that they had both orange crush and C’Plus, so we each got 1 and split, in order to determine which was better – btw I have to say I prefer the more sour, heavy carbonation of C’Plus to the overly sweet and mellowed Crush , Melissa on the other hand felt the exact opposite.-
and well the pickles were pretty good. I will not even think of returning to Greek Palace, it is overpriced for the quality of frozen food they are heating up, $2.17 + taxes is way too much for 500ml chocolate milk, and frankly the food was completely distasteful.

Rating 1 out of Ten

Possibly the worst food I have ever eaten out.


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