Tonys Subs review

22 Apr

Tony’s Submarines
675 Main Street East,
Hamilton, ON L8M 1K1

A few years back, in much better times, we used to share a decent 2 bedroom apartment on Main street East. Now for years when taking the King street bus I had always passed the little dive looking restaurant at Main and Eastbourne that boldy proclaimed The Best Burgers In Town, and always wanted to try them, but since there was really nothing else in the area had never bothered to. Well when we lived on Main, we finally not only tried but fell in love with this visually unappealing but extremely addictive little place.

But sadly life went wrong, and we left that place and are now in Stoney Creek, so several years have passed since I had been to Tonys, again suffering from being in a very undesirable area.

But Monday Melissa had a meeting downtown and I was so jacked since it was only a few blocks from Big Eds, which I have been dying to try, They also sell large burgers, going all the way up to 3 lbs even!!! But when I arrived at Big Eds I discovered that they don’t open until 530pm !!!!!!
What about the lunch crowd.

So I knew where I needed to go for a damn good burger, I mean sure Harvest Burger was way closer, but since we can easily get home taking the King bus, we agreed…Tonys.

So 20 minutes later I was back to familiar ground, The decor has not changed a bit, it is dark, dingy and stuck in the 70’s but that just adds to the charm. First thing I noticed is that it was very busy, which is definitely a good thing. So I placed my order, A 1lb Cheeseburger with bacon combo ($12.99) which also includes fries and a grape crush and a large poutine($5.99). Tony looked at me in horror, until I explained the poutine was for Melissa. She absolutely adores Tonys poutine for the same reason she initially hated it, they use the long strips of mozzarella that is put on subs. The result may anger some poutine purists, but it turns out very cheesy and very creamy. While it may not be my favorite, it is definitely up there.

My burger took understandably around 12 minutes, and I had went with my ever classic condiments, mustard, pickles, and mayo. It was cooked to a perfect medium well but man had I forgotten how thick these burgers are. And oh my god so good, I very quickly wolfed it down, hey- one drunken night a few years back I ate 3 of these back to back- and then easily made it thru my fries and into a bit of Melissa’s poutine. My only issue is the frozen fries they use, fresh cut would be better, but for frozen variety they are still very good. And the subs this place sells, are not only very good value but extremely good. Hell I fell in love with their cheese sub, something I had never tried or dreamed of trying before.

Its strange how little this place has changed over the years, the only downfall on this visit was the fact there is no longer vanilla coke, but that is because coke discontinued it, no fault of this establishment.

Even after all these years, I still have to give it to Tonys, it is still my favorite restaurant of all time.

Rating Ten out of Ten
Absolute perfection


2 Responses to “Tonys Subs review”

  1. Cassaendra May 30, 2010 at 7:52 am #

    Jeebus! 3 burgers?! One of these days, I want to try an order of poutine! 🙂

    • hazer772 May 30, 2010 at 9:56 am # was a sad drunken day lol

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