The Crazy Clover

23 May

160 Centennial Parkway North
Hamilton, ON L8E 1H9
(905) 561-3561

The Crazy Clover is the closest bar to me, being slightly closer, maybe about 12 feet then Crabby Joes. Unlike Crabby Joes, the Clover is a locally owned independent establishment, is a fair bit smaller and since is not a chain, is a lot cheaper. Often the case with independent bar/restaurants is poor food at cheap prices with half flat draft beers. The clover is definitely an exception to this rule. First off this is literally, the only bar I think anywhere that does not charge premium prices for Alexander Keiths or Keiths amber ale. At $13.75 a pitcher, they are also one of the cheapest places in town period. Incidentally the new Thursday special is $11 a jug, keeping in mind most places mark up Keiths to above the $17 range this is excellent value…almost a steal.

But moving on, The Clover has two major highlights for me, extremely cheap subs, Assorted are $2.99, BLT are $3.49 for footlongs not six inch, and surprisingly they are very good. My personal favorite is the Pizza sub – $3.49, they use some very nicely spiced pepperoni and the sauce has a nice light tang to it. The other main highlight is the mild wings, 39 cents each on Wednesday nights, they are always very crispy and the sauce has an awesome sweet yet tanginess to it. I can never order enough of these. They have also recently expanded their menu, only new item I have tried thus far was the nachos, $6 which was a massive portion, especially considering the price, and was loaded with fresh vegetable ingrediants and some decent beef chili.
Oh and don’t forget the Friday special, some very very good fish and chips, a huge portion for only $4.75.

While it may not be very well lit, hell its really dark, kinda dingy, and the bathrooms have very cheap faux wood paneling with wholes cut out for urinals, that are wayyyyy too close together, makes it kind of uncomfortable, The Clover always offers great food and drinks at excellent value, with decent service. Really don’t judge a book by its cover.



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