Quality Pizza and Wings Review

3 Jun

Quality Pizza and Wings
2372 Barton Street East,
Hamilton, ON L8E 2W7


A few years ago, a new chinese food restaurant had opened across from Lococos and for a meager $6.99 + taxes had a very good lunch buffet, that combined the usual cheaper Chinese fare with Canadian and American fried items. It was very good, definitely worth the money and fairly busy. Now for whatever reason, the owners completely revamped the place about 2 years ago and began selling only Thai food, again decent prices. Now sadly Thai is not a major draw around these parts and again they revamped the restaurant, now becoming a very cheap pizza and wings place. For past year or so I have always wanted to try the new dubbed Quality Pizza and Wings, but have always forgotten about it until recently.

Twice now we have tried Quality, and both times were shockingly pretty good. On both occasions we went for a simple pie, Double Pepperoni and extra cheese, I mean honestly its hard to screw that up. Our first order was the Jumbo pie, 14.99+ taxes, for an 18 inch cut into 14 slices, this is the cheapest delivery price in the area if not the whole city. The toppings are the generic variety that all independent parlors use, a very nicely spiced pepperoni that crisps up nicely and some very greasy but very satisfying mozzarella. It was by no means a great pie but was definitely worth the cost and I loved the greasiness of it- Greasy pizza is definitely one of my guilty pleasures.

So our first experience was definitely a positive one, it was cheaper than Pizza Bell and was much quicker, and the phone staff spoke english and were very pleasant. So being extremely hot last week and being very lazy we decided to give them another try. We ordered
the Extra Large 3 topping $12.99- same toppings as last time – and a large poutine $3.99+ taxes. Now poutine is rarely made right around here and even when it is, is even rarer that it actually tastes good. Hell, the only really good poutine I have ever had with the exception of Tony’s, is KFC….I definitely recommend it, if you haven’t tried it already…it is absolute perfection. Now getting back to Quality, again the food arrived very fast, the pizza was a little doughy and underdone for my liking, but Melissa found it to be perfect. The large poutine was in a surprisingly small styro foam container and as is often the case was made with pizza mozzarella not cheese curds. Again not a big issue for me. However the generic fries they used were VERY undercooked, they were very chewy and seemed partly frozen in parts still. I was barely able to eat them, the gravy was generic canned beef variety and was just mediocre. It was very disappointing, I was not expecting much to start but this even went beyond those lowered expectations.

I will definitely order pizza from Quality again, well as long as they stay a pizzeria and all. I still preferred it as the Chinese buffet they started out as, but hey have to grow with the times I guess. I recommend the pizza if you get it well done but stay away from the poutine and fries at all costs.

Rating: 7.5 out of Ten


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  1. Laura-Lee MacLeod March 7, 2013 at 2:46 pm #

    You are a complete geek jason! Also you have way too much time on your hands. Luv Laura-Lee 🙂

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