Boston Pizza On Queenson : A hat trick of Horrid

1 Jul

Boston Pizza
727 Queenston Road,
905 578 4774
Hamilton, ON L8G 1A1

Ahhh Boston Pizza, my most inconsistent of friends in the eating worlds. Once upon a time I went to the grand opening of Boston Pizza Niagara Falls, the one on Clifton Hill, and it definitely ranks up there as one of my best dining experiences ever. The food was excellent, we had a large meateor, and service was beyond perfection, everyone was pleasant and worked as a team. Whenever a drink was empty, a few seconds later, some wait staff member had it refilled. It was a completely satisfying meal and experience on all levels.

And sadly one that the 2 Hamilton area locations I have been to, have not even come close to being near. First Hamilton experience was at the Upper James near Rymal location, and the food was alright …not good, but the service was horrible. Our waitress was acting like we were an inconvience since she had to stop flirting it up with this guy to tend to us. I promised myself that was it for Boston Pizza.

But then about 2 years ago now, the old Mcdonald’s site on Queenston was torn down to make a new Boston Pizza. So longing to duplicate the wonderous experience I had in Niagara Falls and wanting to show Melissa why I swore by it, we went into this location in the mid fall last year. Again was service issues, the hostess was too busy chatting it up with some guys out front and we had to wait nearly 10 minutes to be seated, the couple after us had to find the hostess after no one greeted them for a good 15 minutes. Then we had ordered the Nachos, which were extremely skimpy in all items except chips, which was also a small portion, but the beer and wings were pretty good. The finishing touch came with the Meateor pizza, which was so dried out and skimpy and had clearly sat around for a bit. So I vowed never again…..

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago from last Saturday, I was too lazy to cook or go anywhere and had a very strong and strange urge to order Boston Pizza for delivery, So I had ordered the Medium Meateor $24.49+ taxes, and 10 crispy wings $9.99 + taxes and I received a free Panera bread stix since was my first web order. As well was a $5 delivery charge. So all in all it came to around $47 with taxes and delivery…WHY Jason WHY?? there are so many better options with more food for that price or less. So after just slightly below the 1 hour mark, say around 58 minutes, on a promised delivery time of 45 the food arrives…AND ITS STONE COLD. So we made due with what we were sent, the pizza was severely dried out and clearly over 30+++ minutes old, the bread was cardboard like again from the wait time likely in a car and the wings were soggy but edible.

So I complained on their website and was not expecting anything in return, however 1 day later I was contacted by the locations new operations manager whom was very apologetic and pleasant and explained that it is under new management and he offered to send gift vouchers in the mail for $40. And he did so, 2 days later they were here. So having been a week to the day I decided to try the delivery again, this time opting for a Medium Pepperoni pie $18.75, 20 baked wings and a Boston Bread. This all worked out to $53 with taxes and delivery, so realistically cost me $13 more than the vouchers. Again was the promise of 45 minutes delivery time, again it was a Saturday afternoon at 130pm. 227pm finally my food arrives, just short of an hour again. Now the driver explains to us he doesn’t work for Boston Pizza itself but he is part of a delivery service…which makes a lot of sense now, hell these guys are always so busy i’ve had beer deliveries that took 2+ hours to get here. Again cold damn food….the pizza was not dried out this time and had it been hot would have been pretty good, but the wings were a disaster, baked wings once they are cold are a special kind of vile, and again cardboard bread. Part of the deal with my vouchers was a follow up email I had to send to the manager for additional feed back, In which I had explained the food being slightly better but still delivery being an issue and also expressed my understanding that it is not Boston Pizza’s issue with the situation but the contractor company. Still tho he replied and again offered a very kind resolution and I received a voucher for a free medium pizza of my choosing for eat in only.

And you know what I will give it a chance again for eat in. I admire this gentleman’s commitment to service and willingness to improve but if this again turns into a disaster it will be my last Boston Pizza experience. For the price there are way too many better options.

Rating: Inconclusive

Let’s see what next time brings…..


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