Mary Browns Famous Chicken and Taters Review

1 Jul

Mary Browns
118 Centennial Parkway North
Hamilton, ON

– I’m in love with Mary Brown’s, the best fried chicken in the world around, nothing else comes close to Mary Brown’s fried chicken –

If you grew up in the ’80’s in Ontario- well at least the GTA- and had listened to radio at any point you likely remember this jingle and damn it sticks in your head. Only once in my 32 years had I tried it, during a shopping trip to Toronto when I was maybe 8. From what I remembered it was very close to Chester fried.

Well a few weeks back, it was revealed that the renovations on our local fast eddies, were not actually renovations at all but a tear down to create the first Mary Brown’s in this area. I was very disappointed initially but then figured hey, fried chicken that is closer than both popeyes and KFC to my home…so what’s so bad?

Well in a very short period of time, the complete transformation has been finished and it opened two nights ago. So last night we took back our empties from a couple weeks of paryting- was $14…omg… and then stopped off at Mary’s for a picnic dinner. First good point was the picnic tables that Fast Eddies had, are still there, so we can bring the dog and enjoy the outdoor weather. But on a downside is there is no garbage cans or any form of garbage removal items on site. This led to an ugly moment later on, but I’ll get to that.

First thing with Mary’s is definitely the price, we ordered an 8 piece combo which comes with a medium box of taters, a medium salad and a free picnic bag for a whopping $23.99 + tax, this is far more than both KFC and Popeyes. I also added a Lil’ Mary for 2.19+ taxes. One thing I have to give this place is it is packed solid, there was a non stop large line. But the staff were very effective and pleasant, especially the young woman whom took my order, whom had the most amazing brown eyes I have ever seen..but I digress. There was a bit of a wait since there were a ton of orders and all pretty large in comparison to mine. It kinda sucks tho that they have no indoor seating, but the interior is way too small to enable it.

So approximately 10 minutes later, I’m out the door with my food and off to the picnic area, 2 minutes after comes my server, I had forgotten my lil’ Mary and she tracked me down. First we tried the little Mary sandwich, man they aren’t kidding when they say little, a very small, very crispy and tasty chicken strip was in a dinner roll sized bun with mayo and lettuce. Taste wise, this was excellent, both Me and Melissa agreed, however this is quite substantially smaller than even the KFC snacker, which is 30 cents cheaper, even taste wise its about the same, hell the delta mini at popeye’s is also cheaper by about same margin, and is definitely the best of the 3.

Next up was the chicken itself, they brag about the size of their chicken and yes it definitely is pretty big, but also extremely greasy, maybe the most greasy chicken I have ever had. The meat inside was very moist but the breading was kind of bland, so much so that Melissa, whom normally avoids hot sauce, actually used all the packs herself. The only real stand out flavor to the breading was black pepper. It was alright at best. The taters, your typical potato wedges- which I normally don’t like in general- were pretty good, they had a very nice salty, kind of spicy coater and were cooked perfectly. The macaroni salad was pretty standard, nothing bad about it but nothing good either. In general I think that sums up my first Mary Brown’s experience, just okay.

Oh and to get back to the lack of garbage cans or anywhere to throw anything out, since there was not any, I carried our waste down the road, with intentions to throw in Tom’s building’s dumpster but horribly the wind caught the bag and it ripped and dumped all bones, boxes and wrapping in middle of the street, making a huge mess that was blowing everywhere.

Rating : 6 out of Ten

In a few weeks, I’ll give it another chance but if it is not mind blowing, I will likely not return. The prices are way too high, especially given the choices in the area.


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