Boston Pizza at Queenston: the Return

20 Jul

Boston Pizza
727 Queenston Road,
905 578 4774
Hamilton, ON L8G 1A1


So after 2 horrible experiences and one barely passable, I went back to Boston Pizza with the any medium pizza free coupon that the manager had very graciously sent me. So last week Melissa and I decided to go for lunch and give it another try, which could potentially be our last.

So how did it go?? Well service was very quick and pleasant, we were greeted and seated immediately and our server was very attentive and pleasant, a very welcome change from last visit. We decided to just get water and settled on an appetizer of Cactus cut potatoes, 8.99+ taxes. These were at our table in about 6 minutes maximum but I was surprised as I was expecting more of fries than chips- the menu doesn’t have a pic and the description is not very clear- but along side the nicely cooked chips was the very addictive and very unhealthy cactus dip, we both are in love with it’s spicy and creaminess, it’s definitely a new favorite. The chips were pretty good but a little overpriced.

For our pizza we went with the Pepper this time which the menu describes as:

*Boston Pizza starts it hot with chili pepper pizza sauce and then adds green, red and banana peppers, taco beef, cheddar and mozzarella. Finished with a dollop of guacamole and sour cream to cool your taste buds*

But I opted for no gaucamole, I just really don’t care for it. Again our pizza was brought out very fast and was nicely hot, there really is nothing like a pizza going from the oven right to you, even the best delivery or take out never comes close. This pizza was nicely loaded with the mixed peppers, which were more tangy than hot, and some nicely seasoned taco style ground beef, of course the sour cream ends it out at the base of the slices. The sauce has a nice salsa quality to it, and works very well with the pepper’s tang and the ground beef. I loved this pizza, it was unbelievably good. Even Melissa, whom thought the whole idea was severely wrong, loved it. Too bad the regular price on this is $24.98+ taxes, I could definitely eat this a lot.

All in all, our latest experience at this location was very satisfactory, and I will definitely return for the awesome Pepper, it really has to be my favorite signature pizza of any company so far. Thanks again to the manager for the free coupon and caring about my concerns.

Rating: 8 out of Ten


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