Miri Cafe Review

25 Jul

Miri Cafe
2415 barton Street E
Hamilton, ON
Mon – Fri:
6:00 am – 6:00 pm
7:00 am – 5:00 pm
7:00 am – 4:00 pm

Yesterday, after a very long wait, Melissa’s EI finally was straightened out and the 1st payment came thru, and since the Warehouse Club on Nash and Barton was finally open, we decided to do our groceries between mainly there and Loccoco’s. It was early morning, and we had just literally gotten out of bed and out the door, so we found ourselves in need of some breakfast. Our options at first were very poor, either Burger King -ewwwww- or Subway – which appears worse than BK-. I had remembered a recent mail advert for Miri and have passed it infinite times with out ever giving it a thought, but with the prospect of possible real food, I could not pass it up.

So we walked into the Miri and discovered we were the only customers, but were surprised to find a very spacious and very nicely laid out dining room, not only were there tables and chairs but also a very nice and very comfy looking section made up of leather recliner style chairs, a coffee table and a faux fire place, complete with a very large plasma tv, which was playing the local news, a nice bonus for me in the morning.

We were quickly greeted by a very pleasant and very enthusiastic owner whom went over various specials, which there were numerous, and took our order very promptly. We both went with BLTs on 12 grain bread -$3.99+ taxes and split a small orange juice. All included came to around $10.80. There are a lot of interesting options also available, anything from regular breakfast fare, some bakery items made fresh, sandwiches, smoothies and protein shakes- which since it is located beside a major gym should be a winner. I also noted a taco salad on special with a drink for $4.99+ taxes, definitely cheap and a must try. So we sat at one of the tables as the recliners looked to comfy for our energy levels- or lack there of. We both noticed that our food was being prepared very carefully and you could see that this gentleman really enjoyed what he was doing and had a lot of passion about his cafe. And the sandwich definitely showed both.
The bacon was not the crappy, thin dried out over fatty fast food variety, nor was it the dreadful precooked variety, it was actually thick cut, fresh butcher style bacon and it definitely showed in the taste. The produce as well was very fresh, no doubt local and was far more crisp and very flavorful. The 12 grain toast was a winner, this is by far the best bread I have had on a restaurant sandwich. We both extremely enjoyed them. It was far and beyond the best BLT I have ever had, I may be as bold to say the best sandwich I have ever had.

It’s sad Miri appears to be not doing so well, this is likely do to being in an odd location. The food was very good and fresh, something very rare around this area, hell this city, the prices are very good and the owner has genuine passion for what he is doing and it definitely shows. So next time you are in the area of Centennial and Barton, I definitely advise you to stop in there. I will definitely be going back some time soon, likely to try the taco salad.

Rating: a solid 9 out of Ten
a real hidden gem, too bad it’s hidden


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