An update of Sorts

3 Oct

Wow life has been at a neck breaking hectic pace lately and both my blogs have admittingly suffered. Well I can promise as things now begin to slow down there will be a better commitment to bringing more posts to both weekly at minimum, also look for the creation some time soon of another blog, representing my other major passion in life, Horror Movies.

Well here are a few quick updates on previous rated places and I’ll be adding a new post in a few minutes.

Mary Brown’s: I have to say it is becoming a favorite with my household, not for the chicken or taters but for the amazing Big Mary sandwich, definitely a winner and with the $2 off Monday special makes a great thing even better. This sandwich is so perfect, nicely crispy breaded and the white meat was so moist and the mayo and pickle on top…absolute perfection.

Miri Cafe: Again went for breakfast and again great food. Melissa this time went with a very large breakfast special, for $6 included 3 pancakes, so very amazing beef sausages, excellent 14 grain toast, and home fries. I of course, being creature of habit that I am, went with the BLT again, I even put on my big boy pants and left the tomato on, and again was damn good.

Quality Pizza: Wow 2 Saturdays back i ordered a combo with an Xtra Large pizza and wings and what not, the pricing wasn’t bad as always, nor was the food, however ordering at 230pm on Saturday and receiving order at 405pm is not acceptable, sorry but the lame oh we are busy and lack of any apology or service is a cardinal sin, there are too many other places as good or better with quicker and more helpful service.

Lococcos: On a recent grocery shopping expedition, I found to my surprise that Lococco’s ever evolving lunch counter now sells pizza for $1.50 a slice. I was really not expecting anything, but was treated to by far the best slice I have ever had. They used very thick cut real bacon strips, some really good balled sausage and a perfect spiced pepperoni, add to that a very thin crispy crust and of course some very greasy, well done cheese, I was in pizza heaven.

King’s Buffet: Yesterday, so very far away…. Well King’s when can we ever have a consistent experience, just when I was back on your bandwagon, you bring me yesterday, early lunch service. Several spots in the buffet had no items at all, and missing was calamari- replaced by deep fried squash- WTF- buffalo chicken again sadly missing…again damn burnt pizza. Top it off with a very poor server…
I know I’ll be back but only one more chance….


One Response to “An update of Sorts”

  1. hazer772 October 3, 2010 at 8:43 am #

    Next up in the next two days, Premier BBQ review

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