Premier BBQ Review

22 Oct

(905) 664-1002
800 Queenston Rd
Stoney Creek, ON
L8G 2N4

BBQ and 1lb. burgers, two things that I really truly love if they are done right, but are so frequently a disaster at restaurants around here. So imagine my surprise when Premier BBQ opened across from Eastgate and was offering a 1lb burger combo for a mere $7.99…easily cheapest in town for that size. I was also hoping they would carry brisket, but alas sadly another place that does not. Premier’s prices were 1st thing i noted and we all well below average price wise for area, a full rack of ribs was only $9.99 and a Strip loin dinner for $10.99. They also had a very cool concept, where you come in and see the meats in a butcher type counter and they then prepare all in front of you.

So good prices, hell great prices and 1lb burgers, and a really nice, cool looking place, how could it go wrong? …Well it does very quickly.

Now when you order a burger, you expect to be able to add atleast cheese right?? Nope not at premier, they don’t as of this visit carry it. Same went for bacon as well. This was a huge let down and is just plain strange. Secondly this was the smallest 1lb burger ever, was more like maybe 3/4 lbs and despite the normal 20 minutes standard grill time, was not near evenly cooked, these patties are very thin and long so that was not the issue. Some parts of my burger were bordering on blue, definitely not cooked long enough at all. The fries were standard frozen fair and the burger, also seemed frozen taste wise. I really wanted to like this place but food was so bad.

I may try it again for either the schnizel or steak or ribs but never again for burgers.

Rating: 2 out of 10.


One Response to “Premier BBQ Review”

  1. Ricky Tavares February 10, 2013 at 6:53 am #

    I love the 1 pound burgers at Premier BBQ House. These burgers are huge ! I always order my Burger with their cream cheese. They also offer spicy hot cream cheese as one of their many FREE toppings to choose from. Yes, this place is of high quality meats. The 1 pound Burger meat tastes like certified Black Angus beef. Yummy! The seasoning in the ground beef is PERFECT for me. There is usually a big man working there as chefcook.

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