Wimpys Diner Review

23 Jan

Wimpys Diner
771 Queenston Road
Hamilton, ON
(905) 560-3777

I love old time diners, the greasy freshly made food and lost in time ambiance, so when I first discovered Wimpys at Queenston Road many years ago, I thought I may have found a rare piece of a dying part of my youth. Having ventured out with my best friend at the time Mara and a few of our other co-horts, we found ourselves driving 20 minutes across town to find a good greasy breakfast on an early Sunday morning, after a night of hard drinking. This would begin my love and hate relationship with wimpys.

Wimpys has an issue with service every now and then. Most of the time the staff is very attentive and helpful, but a few times they have been deplorable. So much so that after the last visit, about 2 years ago, I refused to return despite even being comped a meal by the manager. Even free food that is bad, is still bad food. But I found myself trying to find a different place for dinner in the area and since the freezing rain was getting bad, Wimpys was an obvious choice.

As always I love the decor, it’s great no doubt. Delightfully tacky faux ’50s always lightens my mood. Our server greeted us quickly and took our drink orders, we went with our usual, their homemade cherry coke, $2.69 with unlimited refills. I decided I wanted something more substantial then the standard 11 oz Wimpy burger with cheese & bacon, so I went for a Kahuna burger- not even on the menu- which is a 22 oz 2 patty bacon cheeseburger and fries ($14.99). Melissa had went with the veal parmesan meal. However about 5 minutes later the server came back and explained they had no veal in stock, so she changed to the 2 piece haddock and chips (11.99* there is an all you can eat fish and chips special on fridays).

Our food arrived in decent times and I had already gotten 2 refills on my cherry coke. I love their cherry coke, only better homemade pop was Harvest Burgers version of vanilla coke back in the day. My burger arrived and was a good size and was surprisingly well covered in cheese and bacon for once. But I noticed right away something was off with the bun. Now i can’t say it was expired but it was sure on it’s last day. To make matters a little more difficult, the bottom half pretty much disolved from all the grease. So it made for a a messy and clumsy meal. But it was still a decent burger, well cooked and the cheese to bacon ratio went well with the large amount of beef. The fries at wimpys are the Mccain frozen kind, which I normally despise but they were very well cooked, so they didn’t really bother me.

Melissa’s fish looked pretty good, although she found the batter to be a little underdone, sure looked fine to me but I prefer a little lighter color. Altogether dinner came out to $33, I was not full strangely but desert was not in my cards.

I don’t think I would return to Wimpys again. It was by no means bad, but there are better options in the area for cheaper prices and with fresh food not frozen. But I will give them there due, they have come along way from my last visit.

Rating: 6.5 out of Ten


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