Frosty’s Fish and Chips Review

5 May

142 King St W
Dundas, ON L9H 1V2
(905) 627-1734

They say you can never really, truly go home twice. I guess that really holds true more and more as I get older. Dundas, my old stomping grounds, is a prime example of this. Two of my all time favorite restaurants ever, Golden Fish and Chips, and of course Super Sub, have now faded into ghosts of the past, having both closed within the last 2 years. The Valley Grill, another old favorite, changed owners a long while back as well and the food clearly shows that the new owners don’t give a crap. So on my annual birthday trip to Greensville, to see my parents, I had pretty much ran out of choices for good take out. I wanted something non chain, sure the Dundas Pizza Pizza is pretty good, but I can get it around here. The other stipulation was that it not be pizza, I was sick of pizza for once. Finally it had to be simple, my Dad’s memory isn’t what it used to be.

Since there is no fish and chip places in my domain, I decided to give Frosty’s a chance. I had been less than impressed with it in the early 1990’s but hell, sadly that was pretty much 20 years ago…wow….. But without further digression, let’s get to this.

We had the Haddock and chips meal. I would have preferred halibut, but the price was sky high. Thankfully they provided us with plenty of malt vinegar, however no lemon juice and no ketchup.
You must understand I drown my fish in a combo of malt vinegar, lemon juice and ketchup…it makes for a divine experience. Add on 7-up and I am in greasy, toxic food heaven. Sadly as well, no 7-up. That being said, and already souring my experience, thou no fault of the establishment in all fairness, sour would be also my first thought when I had my first bite of fish. That horrible, bitter, sourness of dirty oil, overwhelmed me. Oddly though, it was only this single piece of fish, then other 3 I had- I know pig – were fine, as were my fries. Melissa and my mom also noticed the same thing as well. My mom was very verbal in how much more she liked Golden, and Mom was not too big a fan of Golden either. My overall impression of Frosty’s still remains pretty much the same. Sure the area it is in brings on nostalgia, especially since it was very close to the good ol’ games room, but failing that, it is overpriced, over rated, and mediocre on it’s best day food wise. I assure you , this is my last Frosty’s encounter.

Rating: 3 out of Ten.
Sometimes things never change


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