Red Rockets Review

17 Jul

Red Rockets
Phone: 905-578-4664

*Website is still under construction. Really?? Has been over 3 years now at least.*

Red Rockets is kind of hidden away in a plaza diagonal to Eastgate Square. It is slightly behind Eastside’s and very easy to overlook. As well they are strictly take out or delivery and have no eat in area at all. Lately I have found myself becoming more and more addicted to wings and last Saturday night, having the night off and not feeling going out figured I would order in. The delivery choices for wings in my area is poor at best, There is the dreadful Wing King a few blocks down and some hit and miss Mom and Pop pizza joints, with varying quality wings- almost always are soggy, or the major chains, and lets face it, Domino’s and Pizza hut wings are over priced and sub par at best, and Pizza Pizza’s are a little cheaper but are completely hit and miss. I once had ordered in chalet wings from Swiss Chalet, which were good and all but nearly $30 for 16 pieces delivered.

So Red Rockets was definitely my best choice, I have ordered several times in the past and about 75 percent of the time, they have been great.

So I went with the usual Combo # 3, which includes 3 pounds of wings- approx 36 pieces- 2 large fries- more like wedges really- 1 large caesar salad and a veggies and dip. Normally I go with half hot and have medium, but tonight I opted for half medium and half honey mustard, and added a blazing hot on the side. All and all with taxes and delivery in, came to $36.10. So is a little on the pricey side.

I have read a lot of reviews on line discussing poor phone service, when orders are placed and I have yet to experience this, the young lady is always cheery, efficent and attentive, never once had any issues with being rushed or rude service. The food arrived within the promised 30-45 minutes easily and was perfectly hot still, which with delivery around here is kind of rare. The wedges/fries were excellent, but really could have used gravy- this was my fault for forgetting to order- the gravy there is excellent. The wings are breaded, and very well sauced, not so much crispy but acceptable texture wise. The honey mustard was very good, not as good as the fool and flagon variety but a definite hit nonetheless. The medium as always, was a nice blend of sweet and a little heat and disappeared quickly. The salad was as well a complete win, which again around here is a rare occasion, so many places down here manage to make a disaster of a caesar. It is not as good as Eastsides…but really whose is? but a decent effort.

Red Rockets again was a good choice, I would take a lot of these online reviews that are negative with a grain of salt. I have ordered easily 15 times, in last 4 years and only twice food was subpar but service has never been an issue.

Rating: 8.5 out of Ten

come on with the website already.


2 Responses to “Red Rockets Review”

  1. hazer772 July 17, 2011 at 8:11 am #

    In next few weeks will be a few more updates. Check back, looks like a Union Burger is moving into the old Crabby’s spot at Centennial, and the horrid service from the Kelseys at Centennial seems to have caused it’s demise, as it closed for good a few weeks back.

  2. George February 2, 2014 at 12:26 pm #

    Tired it once, it was OK. Wings are small. 2 sauce max for a 5lb order of wings is not convenient. They won’t even let you pay extra for an additional sauce where they mix the wings. Absurd. Talk about restricting your business. Someone needs to tell the owner how to properly run a business. The two-divider box excuse is lame.

    Asked for 1/3 to be plain, and that was counted as a sauce selection. Seriously?

    Sad. I intended to spend over $100.00 on my order and they lost my business.

    Will not go back. I would prefer to give my money to a business to someone else.

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