My Must Try List

19 Jul

So I have had a few convos in last week or so about some places that are on my radar, that I have yet to visit for varying reasons, be it simply distance, economics or bizarre hours of operations. The following is my must tries in no particular order.

Mex I Can
107 James Street North
Hamilton, ON
(905) 527-1554


I lived near Mex I Can for a better part of 4 years, in two different time periods and never had any interest sadly in indulging. I was thrown off by the visuals of the place which are not so great, well kind of ghetto really. But people seem to rave about it, and the cactus quesedea has infinite appeal to me.

Big Ed’s
132 Queen Street South
Hamilton, ON
(905) 528-6907

This one for me suffers from two afflictions that have kept me from what I suspect will become a favorite over indulgence. The first being location, it is located in a kind of odd spot, with not a lot of places or things or people I need to visit or see. Secondly, on the 2 occasions I have been in the area, both times, it was sadly closed, since they are not open for lunch. Still tho, the prospect of a 3lb burger, and a very extensive and interesting menu of comfort food and so bad for you indulgences really holds my attention.

Seems to be a downtown theme running here, and living in Stoney Creek and all, makes some sense why I have not acted on these. Next is a newer place, at least to me, that seems to be one of the 1st of the burger bar trend in this area. And they have a website even!!!

Chuck’s Burger Bar
194 Locke Street South,
Hamilton, ON L8P 4B4
(905) 525-1000

Wow this has to be close to Big Ed’s. I am definitely drawn by the choices in cheese, burger type- they have actual bacon burgers that are in fact strictly ground bacon, bison is always a good choice as well- they have a good variety of add ons and cheeses and I am very perplexed / hyped up about the prospect of deep fried turkey wings- at $10 a kilogram!! Some of the Chucks Favorite burgers also sound amazing, and prices are surprisingly decent for both the items and the area it’s located in. This is a must try no doubt.

Again another choice in the general downtown area, as well this is also very close proximity to Big Ed’s and Chuck’s.

Rolly Rockets
470 King St West
Hamilton, ON L8P 1B7
(905) 393-3555

Now I have kind of tried Rollys before, at their booth at festival of Friends, they were extremely busy and the food seemed to suffer for it, my pulled pork was a little dried out and was not very much tequila bbq sauce on it at all. But with the volume of orders and food going out, this can be understood. I like the idea of Southern BBQ, hell BBQ in general, there are not a lot of options in this city and this place also hosts every UFC pay per view which is a bonus. They are rumoured to be making a second location out this way someday soon at double rinks..and delivery is rumoured ..even better. Before that though, I need to get the full experience from the original.

What is with Stoney Creek here, there are so few non fast food options. There is one place that definitely has been on my radar for awhile tho, and they even supposedly deliver- they advertise they do at least, but 3 times in last year or so I called during their supposed hours, around six, and was told not an option.
The Attic Pizza
89 King Street East
Stoney Creek, ON L8G 1K5
(905) 664-7530

I am forever in search of a good pizza place, that uses fresh, not frozen or massively processed ingredients, like the big chains and the mom and pops all do. The Attic seems to be what I am looking for. There is a slight detterent for sure tho, according to a lot of online reviews it has gone downhill and suffers from inconsistent service and food issues.

The next one is my last, not because it’s the only other place on my list but more so that I have to get to some Jason related activities, that are vital to the rest of my day. This has to be the most recommended, and one of the most highly rated places in this city easily. But again is miles away from me. This is a very high ranking place on my list

Chicago Style Pizza Shack
534 Upper Sherman Avenue, Hamilton, ON (905) 575-8800 ‎

I really hate the area tho, east mountain is really rundown and depressing for me, I had lived there for 6 months and it was among the worst time frames in my life. During this time was also the infamous Mr Sub murder. But moving forward, this seems to be highly regarded and from what I have seen from a co worker bringing in left overs, is massive portions and looks very well made. I love the idea of deep dish but no one around here offers it and the chains that claim to, it’s a sad imitation at best.

Well here is a few, Drop me a line if you have any thoughts or experiences on these places, or if I am missing a hidden gem in Stoney Creek. Or if you own a place or one of these places and maybe I’ll check you out.


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