Over 1100 views…

28 Jul

So recently I broke 1100 views, and growing everyday. Debating making a rating system certificate program, for all my favorites to display. And cards for when I visit your establishment, letting you know I was there and getting you to check back here. Anyone want some honest reviews?? Send me a message, I’ll be glad to check you out, especially hidden gems.. I try to avoid franchises and larger sized resto’s …honestly cuz of a lack of consistency. But if you want honest reviews and are an owner of a local establishment, or are a company with a new product, check both this blog and it’s sister hazer772.blogspot.com, If you like what you see, give me a shout and I’ll gladly try your place. Working on making certs you can hang in your places, for those of you that go above and beyond.

For smaller restos..send me a menu, I’ll look it over and maybe try you and post it on here, growth is at 30% per month, some great free adverts if you do well.


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