Union Burger Review

14 Sep

Union Burger Hamilton
140 Centennial Parkway North, L8E 1H9
T. 289-389-7332
F. 289-389-0950

When Crabby Joe’s failed I was so excited by the prospects, at 1st was a flyer for Union Burger, which I had never heard of in the window, then a Man vs Food Restaurant that had a website and was an absolute joke, a franchise with no locations in existance, trying to sell an idea. Eventually they started building and it was obvious Union Burger prevailed. An interesting note, both the coffee shop- whom’s name escapes me- and the Union Burger, are part of the same group that created Crabbys.

I was real excited when on a recent dog walk that the place had finally come together. The decor is really modern, shades of grey with touches of color here and there. So Monday- yesterday- turned out to be opening day. I went today, Tuesday.

I love the decor, but the layout, with the pop fountain by the condiments was a huge source of frustration. Too many people got in the way. I so badly was hoping they would be the first Canadian company to bring in the new coke machines- the ones with 180 flavours- but was the same one as burger king. I was surprised by the condiment choices for fries, sea salt, a welcome addition, cider vinegar and malt…I love me vinegar. I noticed a theme online about their fries being too small, for me not such an issue.

So after the death of my beloved Harvest Burger, was a Union to be my saviour? Well, no, really. It reminds me why I am anti union in all aspects of life. The food was overpriced, skimpy on toppings, I ordered the Philly Burger for $6.99 was barely any red peppers, a 1/4 pound patty at best, some flavorless mozzarella, very skimpy but nice tang steak sauce and 2 alright onion rings. Melissa ordered the Mushroom Swiss, which she actually preferred the Wendy’s version. I had a bite, it was alright, some decent mushrooms but tasteless swiss cheese. I also ordered a little bacon cheese burger, which came with no cheese as well as mustard, mayo, pickles. For $4.78, what a rip off. The Mcdonalds $1.39 version is bigger. And they don’t forget not only your cheese, but also these guys forgot my pickles. 1 last thing, they claim fresh beef, but taste wise, Tony’s on Main, and the now dead Harvest Burger, had a far different taste. To me this was the new Burger King and McDonalds premium burgers, injected with water to keep some moisture. These were sadly preformed and likely frozen patties…especially the little burger.

So I will take this as I did for the oddly close Mary Brown’s ..Inconclusive. The poor staff did their best, the manager was a complete female parts vulgarity, was rude to me, and her employee and she needs to go…seriously this woman reminded me of Ma from the Goonies movie – just not fat, but very unattractive, and vulgar mouthed and rude. I will return, with another coupon, my lobby is littered with them, everyone threw them out- I live in an Indian mostly area so beef is a no go. Maybe it was a bad day.

But for now, I can’t say I hate it, Melissa did. I give it a
probationary mark of 4.95 out of ten. I will return, on a better day. I think it’s just opening jitters..I hope. Also a besides point, $3.99 a pint, with a bar behind you, that sells $13.49 pitchers, I can see another Crabbys coming on. Maybe the coffee house will do better or maybe they will change their skimpy ways and load up the burgers.

Soon going to see Chuck..at Chucks Burger Bar…I love your options, but hate the location..I will see you soon tho


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