Union Burger – Round 2

9 Nov

In interest of fairness, as I did go in on the 2nd day of operation and do fully understand that it often takes awhile to get things into order, I returned, as I had promised at the end of my previous review to Union Burger, with an open mind, 3 weeks ago Friday.

This time I went with a great canadian burger combo – was around $10 and a Bourbon Street burger $6.99.

What a mistake. The great canadian burger was lousy, somehow they made peamal bacon- a personal favorite meat – bland. The burger again seemed to be either frozen- which they deny- or low grade beef. It was just not good on any level. Fries again were a hit, but are overpriced. Definitely some of the better fries around.

Now the Bourbon burger?? Definitely a canidate for worst burger I have ever eaten, not as bad as Greek Palace mind you, but in the running nonetheless. The bourbon sauce is way too runny, it’s almost like they added a crap bbq sauce to 3 shots of straight cheap bourbon, it had a water like consistancy and was just wrong. The carmelized onions overpowered the rest of the items, hell this could have been a carmelized onion and bourbon sandwich, with a few drops of bbq sauce. Sure tasted like it. The bacon, cheddar and patty were completely overwhelmed by them. Another note again is the odd plastic texture that the buns have. It just feels wrong.

On a good note, well for them, Union Burger seems to be relatively busy on a regular basis, likely the new factor. But frankly for the cost and subpar quality, I can guarantee I will never be back. A side note, oddly is that 5 Guys, is only $2-$4 more and is more food and appears to be lightyears ahead. I’ll check them out very soon.

Union burger, it’s over for me.

Rating 2.5 out of Ten

Maybe a cheaper, large sized order of fries and I would be back.

If anyone wants a free, buy 6 get 1 free Union Burger Card, with two stamps already, leave me a message and i’ll send mine to you.


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