Yummy 83 review

28 Feb

Yummy 83
301 Fruitland Road
L8E 5M1 Stoney Creek

I first have to get this out. I love internet ordering. So much so that if a company does not have it, I am likely not using them. It avoids stupid phone staff, screwed up orders and you know exact totals and what not right away. Just Eat is a great site for that, since most web site ordering places are major chains, this way Mom and Pop and even a bigger variety of cuisine are featured and able to offer.

I have had Yummy’s twice and both times was surprised in a good way. We ordered the dinner for 4, consisting of 4 egg rolls, sweet & sour chicken balls, beef chow mein, chicken with vegetable & almonds, deep fried chicken wings, deep fried breaded shrimp, chicken fried rice (large), fortune cookies, was $34.99 + taxes and $4 delivery charge. By far even with a higher delivery, best value in our area.

The food arrived very fast and I loved the packaging on the chicken and vegetables and beef chow mein, was not the annoying and messy tin foil bowls but was hard plastic bowls and covers, a lot like Swiss Chalet sends. So was no spilled items in the bag. A negative for sure was the shrimp still had tails, this is just wrong for me, but they were otherwise excellent. The sweet and sour sauce is slightly different from the average places not sure how exactly but it is great and the chicken balls are among the best I have had. The wings were good but not great, i hate egg rolls and refuse to eat them, I like the amount of greens in the chicken and vegetable and the rice was perfect, i prefer pork personally but the chicken was phenomenal.

Yummy 83 is definitely a new favorite and a needed one, with both
Amy’s and wok around both going down hill lately. If only they would make crab rangoon.

Rating 8.5 out of ten


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