New zinger Doubledown, Hamilton Ontario

6 Mar


In the first non canon review on the site is a new item that I had not heard of until today,  that I had to share with everyone.  The zinger doubledown, is here., as well as the regular version again.  


I tried the zinger variety today,  $6.99+ taxes.  Was same basic make up as original version, save the chicken breasts themselves.  They were the new spicy and crispy zinger type,  now I had not like the zinger sandwich itself, but this was astoundingly good.  This version is far less greasy, and holds together better and the breast filets are far larger in size.  The zinger has a very nice crunch to it and the cayenne infused breading goes very well with the jack cheese and the colonels sauce.  Again tho the bacon is kinda a lost cause and adds nothing really but calories to the item.  


This was a very pleasant surprise, well spiced and very filling, only complaint really is price.

Rating: 8.5 out of ten

And being march I followed this up with a McD’s shamrock shake


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