Valentinos Place

31 May

this is a double review as was both same chain, but different locations.
824 King Street West
(905) 523-4240


2815 Barton Street East
(905) 561-3188

Years ago I fell in love with Valentinos Place. Well more correctly, the Centre Mall location, for it’s amazingly greasy pepperoni slices from heaven, and the Mountain Plaza Mall, for it’s caesar salad to die for. Unfortunately, both locations were casualities of their respective malls being torn down to become those nefarious big box stores.

So needless to say I had a void.

A few weeks ago, on a very nice mid spring day, Melissa and I ventured out to Westdale, I had an urge to go to Comic Connection, where I had not been in 16+ years. I then remembered the Westdale Valentinos, a place I always put off going to, for years on end.
The facility itself is very well maintained and has a nice, rustic and dark look to it, but being around 4pm and only 1 other table in the place taken, is a warning to me. Regardless tho, we decided on the 12 slice pepperoni pie $16.99+ taxes, 2 drinks. We were surprised when our server came to the table with some garlic bread strips, a nice free touch, and parmesan and chilies. The drinks were free refills, a nice touch, but the wait for the pizza was substantial. Maybe 30 minutes. Eventually, a steaming hot, fairly large pie arrived at our table. The topping distribution was a little sparser than I would have liked, but the pepperoni had a nice mild kind of spice to it, was nicely crispy and the cheese was decent. It was fairly greasy, but not as much as the fabled centre mall slices. All in all, I was underwhelmed. It was by no means bad, but the price was substantially more than most other local places, and was nothing special quality wise.

Rating: 6 out of Ten


Valentinos Place, Stoney Creek, is not recognized by the other locations for some reason, but I had hopes that it would not let me down on my quest for the all mighty greasy slice, of yesteryear.
We ordered for delivery. For a twelve slice, Three topping, was $21 with tax and delivery. It arrived fairly quickly. We went with Pepperoni, Mushrooms and Green pepper, a combo that normally is a good gauge of how good a place is, being so basic and all.
Sadly I was not a big fan. The green peppers were still very crunchy, actually it seemed as if they were added after cooking, I prefer the opposite. The mushrooms were fresh and decent, and pepperoni was alrite too. The reality tho, again like the other location, is that it was just mediocre really. Again, there is better places for way better prices.

Not a horrible experience, but not sure I would do it again.
Rating: 6.5 out of Ten

I’d give the Stoney Creek location a slight edge, for having a functional website, slightly better prices, and quicker service.


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