Valley Charcoal Restaurant

5 Jun

Valley Charcoal
44 King St. W
Dundas ON, L9H 1T7
Phone #: 905-628-0020


In a world that seems so very far away, Sometime in the Mid to Late 1980’s, I first encountered and fell in love with Valley Charcoal.
I had been a sleep over at an old friends, I think I was maybe 9 years old, their parents had decided to take us out for breakfast. Their choice, you guessed it was the Valley. Back then it was at the plaza on Cootes drive, where Subway now occupies. It was greasy, rundown, and out of date, my idea of perfection, and no doubt, along with the Kreseges diner, one of the main factors of my love of diners.

The Valley moved in the 1990’s I believed, right beside the then still running Super Sub, so it always presented a debate for myself, they were both so damn good. I bet it was pretty close to 50/50 as to which I went to.

Since then, life has changed a lot. I grew up, graduated and moved out of the area, into the Downtown core of Hamilton and now Stoney Creek. But my love of the Valley always remains. So on my recent biannual visit to my parents, it was my definite dinner choice, as always it did not disappoint.

The valley cheeseburgers, $3.69+ taxes are always my go to item. IN fact with the exception of the breakfast, they are the only items I have ever tried there. Hey, why bother with anything else, when an item is so well done? They also have a decent assortment of toppings, I normally go for the Jason standard, as I do every place, mustard, mayo, pickles and hot peppers. As always the burgers were absolutely immaculate. Perfectly juicy and well topped and not overwhelming the cheese. We also opted for fries and rings, they are not great but definitely get the job done. We opted for take out, so part of the whole diner/dive experience I love is lost.

As Dundas changes further and further, becomes less familiar,
more modernized, it’s always comforting to have an old piece of my past still going and thriving. Glad to see there are still somethings I can still rely on, in this ever changing world.

Rating: 8.5 out of Ten


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