Buffalo Wild Wings – Stoney Creek – Review

7 Aug

Locations Website:

A few months ago, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Bdubs, opened finally in this area, which the company in general is new to this country, since the abysmal Wild Wings tried to stop them, claiming would confuse consumers. For a long time I have been procrastinating going there, despite being extremely close to the Walmart, that is a short walk from my home. However, 60 cent wings are hard for me to pass, and being a Tuesday with more money extra then I knew what to do with, I had to indulge.

Appearance wise, it’s new, standard big chain bar, although it had more screens then I have ever seen. I wanted to eat on the patio, but did not, no fault of the establishment, but there is heavy construction still going on at the power centre, and I am made very ill by the smell of fresh tarmac. So we ate in the dining room. We were immediately introduced to the experience and menu by a very friendly, and attractive server, Ashley, whom went over the finer points of the menu and even made some recommendations. As per her recommendation, Melissa tried the amazing Huckleberry Lemonade, -$3.49 + tax and 1 free refill-, it was perfectly sweet and tart, for this time of year, she also got a refill, an excellent cherry limeade. I went with a coke to start and we picked an appertizer, $4.99 salsa and chips, the chips were still warm and the salsa was very fresh and had a nice tang to it. Over this time, we ended up with a second server, I did not catch her name, but she was great in providing refills of my coke- which are free.

The main highlight of course, was to be the wings. They were cooked perfectly but were a little on the smaller side, but at 60 cents a piece, still a good value. I opted for 10 pieces of hot BBQ, and 10 pieces of Kickin’ Honey Garlic. I was not a big fan of the honey garlic, but in all honesty it is no fault of theirs, I generally don’t like sweet wings. I was very pleased with the smoky, and slightly heated hot bbq, it was even better dipped in a bit of blue cheese. Melissa opted for the Parmesan Garlic variety, which she adored, I found it was ok, but again this is purely not my taste, as well as the Asian Zing, which she disliked. I found it to be a combination of teriyaki and a chili thai sauce, by no means bad, but not great either. These were sent with a VERY large order of celery and carrots, and we found ourselves leaving a lot of celery behind.

All in all, a decent place, very good service and was only $41 after taxes for 40 wings, 1 lemonade, 1 limeade, 3 cokes and chips and salsa. I will definitely return, only next time on the boneless wings Thursdays-65 cents a piece-.

Rating: 9 out of Ten

Pros: Great service, awesome salsa, well cooked wings, great lemonade and limeades.

Cons: the construction going on makes it a nightmare to get to, and makes the patio less appealing- again no fault of the establishment, and some of the alcoholic beverages are a little pricey, but they are on par with other similar places.


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