La Luna Express Review

27 Nov

La Luna Express
Hamilton East
160 Centennial Parkway N
(Between Queenston and Barton)
Phone: 905-662-2222

I have little knowledge of Lebanon, the Lebanese people or their food and culture. Sure, I remember in the 1980s there being a situation there much akin to Afganistan today, but besides it’s geographic location, that is all I know.

I love shawarmas, tho. For me, there is no better end of the night drunk food. It seems to be a hangover prevention standby, with it’s creaminess, spiciness and meatiness.

La Luna Express, Hamilton East, is in the same plaza as the Crazy Clover, a bit down from Mary Browns….aka my backyard / point of living area. It is very clean, inviting and modern appearance wise…ok whom I am kidding, ambience means nothing to me.

I went with the Beef Shawarma- $6.19 + taxes, and a chicken – same price for Melissa. To go and of course … no onions. I am often mocked about my childish hatred of onions but hey I have the same for tomatos, but opted for them in this case. The wraps were made fresh and quickly considering were done so, and in my full view. Of course I opted for the hot sauce.

Well, I have to say this DAMN!!!!!!!!! The pickles are a very nice touch, actually I have never encountered another shawarma place with them.. they bring an awesome tanginess and crunchiness to this wrap. The tahini I believe, I actually prefer to the normal tsakiki sauces of the downtown shwarma places, and it blends so amazingly with the hot sauce. The shredded beef was to die for. Succulent, tender and nicely seasoned. This is my new go to place. Also it is priced very nicely compared to other local competitors. This will be my new addiction. Definitely recommend

RATING: 9 out of Ten

just awesome


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