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Well, I’m 34, From Hamilton, Ontario Canada. I have been pretty much married for 14 years. I’m a huge horror movie fan. Also into punk, Metal and psychobilly music, MMA and all things Horror and Halloween related. I have an extremely dark often sick sense of humor. I can be articulate and well mannered when called for but can be sarcastic and rowdy as well. I am slightly shy at 1st but once i’m comfortable or in my element that changes. I’m a country boy at heart kind of an enlightened redneck lol. LIKES: Horror/Gore/Slasher/Exploitation films, Punk & Metal, thunderstorms, conflict, Forests, graveyards, NFL, WWE, boozing, anything to do with The Devil’s Rejects or House of 1000 corpses, Bela Lugosi, fighting, the country, most female goth and punks, tattoos, piercings, conflict, night time,the fall, Halloween, power tools, pick up trucks, automatic and medieval weapons.

I also have written 3 articles for another site, check them out at
links below, you’ll have to copy and paste – sorry- the links are not working on this damn site for some reason.



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