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23 Aug

It has been a very long time since I have posted here and this is the end. My marriage of 16.5 years ended on July 26th 2014, My wife had met a new neighbors 19 year old son on July 14th, and was convinced they were in love and threw me out of our home and moved him in, since they are engaged. So I have left Hamilton, likely forever. I hope you all have found some use out of this, or entertainment, I will actually miss the area surprisingly enough, and although I am heart broken and worn out, I will endure this, and maybe one day even return to the city and renew this journey. But in any case, be well, thanks for your views, Peace, love and empathy . Jason-Wayne.


La Luna Express Review

27 Nov

La Luna Express
Hamilton East
160 Centennial Parkway N
(Between Queenston and Barton)
Phone: 905-662-2222

I have little knowledge of Lebanon, the Lebanese people or their food and culture. Sure, I remember in the 1980s there being a situation there much akin to Afganistan today, but besides it’s geographic location, that is all I know.

I love shawarmas, tho. For me, there is no better end of the night drunk food. It seems to be a hangover prevention standby, with it’s creaminess, spiciness and meatiness.

La Luna Express, Hamilton East, is in the same plaza as the Crazy Clover, a bit down from Mary Browns….aka my backyard / point of living area. It is very clean, inviting and modern appearance wise…ok whom I am kidding, ambience means nothing to me.

I went with the Beef Shawarma- $6.19 + taxes, and a chicken – same price for Melissa. To go and of course … no onions. I am often mocked about my childish hatred of onions but hey I have the same for tomatos, but opted for them in this case. The wraps were made fresh and quickly considering were done so, and in my full view. Of course I opted for the hot sauce.

Well, I have to say this DAMN!!!!!!!!! The pickles are a very nice touch, actually I have never encountered another shawarma place with them.. they bring an awesome tanginess and crunchiness to this wrap. The tahini I believe, I actually prefer to the normal tsakiki sauces of the downtown shwarma places, and it blends so amazingly with the hot sauce. The shredded beef was to die for. Succulent, tender and nicely seasoned. This is my new go to place. Also it is priced very nicely compared to other local competitors. This will be my new addiction. Definitely recommend

RATING: 9 out of Ten

just awesome

Buffalo Wild Wings – Stoney Creek – Review

7 Aug

Locations Website:

A few months ago, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Bdubs, opened finally in this area, which the company in general is new to this country, since the abysmal Wild Wings tried to stop them, claiming would confuse consumers. For a long time I have been procrastinating going there, despite being extremely close to the Walmart, that is a short walk from my home. However, 60 cent wings are hard for me to pass, and being a Tuesday with more money extra then I knew what to do with, I had to indulge.

Appearance wise, it’s new, standard big chain bar, although it had more screens then I have ever seen. I wanted to eat on the patio, but did not, no fault of the establishment, but there is heavy construction still going on at the power centre, and I am made very ill by the smell of fresh tarmac. So we ate in the dining room. We were immediately introduced to the experience and menu by a very friendly, and attractive server, Ashley, whom went over the finer points of the menu and even made some recommendations. As per her recommendation, Melissa tried the amazing Huckleberry Lemonade, -$3.49 + tax and 1 free refill-, it was perfectly sweet and tart, for this time of year, she also got a refill, an excellent cherry limeade. I went with a coke to start and we picked an appertizer, $4.99 salsa and chips, the chips were still warm and the salsa was very fresh and had a nice tang to it. Over this time, we ended up with a second server, I did not catch her name, but she was great in providing refills of my coke- which are free.

The main highlight of course, was to be the wings. They were cooked perfectly but were a little on the smaller side, but at 60 cents a piece, still a good value. I opted for 10 pieces of hot BBQ, and 10 pieces of Kickin’ Honey Garlic. I was not a big fan of the honey garlic, but in all honesty it is no fault of theirs, I generally don’t like sweet wings. I was very pleased with the smoky, and slightly heated hot bbq, it was even better dipped in a bit of blue cheese. Melissa opted for the Parmesan Garlic variety, which she adored, I found it was ok, but again this is purely not my taste, as well as the Asian Zing, which she disliked. I found it to be a combination of teriyaki and a chili thai sauce, by no means bad, but not great either. These were sent with a VERY large order of celery and carrots, and we found ourselves leaving a lot of celery behind.

All in all, a decent place, very good service and was only $41 after taxes for 40 wings, 1 lemonade, 1 limeade, 3 cokes and chips and salsa. I will definitely return, only next time on the boneless wings Thursdays-65 cents a piece-.

Rating: 9 out of Ten

Pros: Great service, awesome salsa, well cooked wings, great lemonade and limeades.

Cons: the construction going on makes it a nightmare to get to, and makes the patio less appealing- again no fault of the establishment, and some of the alcoholic beverages are a little pricey, but they are on par with other similar places.

My Must Try List

19 Jul

So I have had a few convos in last week or so about some places that are on my radar, that I have yet to visit for varying reasons, be it simply distance, economics or bizarre hours of operations. The following is my must tries in no particular order.

Mex I Can
107 James Street North
Hamilton, ON
(905) 527-1554


I lived near Mex I Can for a better part of 4 years, in two different time periods and never had any interest sadly in indulging. I was thrown off by the visuals of the place which are not so great, well kind of ghetto really. But people seem to rave about it, and the cactus quesedea has infinite appeal to me.

Big Ed’s
132 Queen Street South
Hamilton, ON
(905) 528-6907

This one for me suffers from two afflictions that have kept me from what I suspect will become a favorite over indulgence. The first being location, it is located in a kind of odd spot, with not a lot of places or things or people I need to visit or see. Secondly, on the 2 occasions I have been in the area, both times, it was sadly closed, since they are not open for lunch. Still tho, the prospect of a 3lb burger, and a very extensive and interesting menu of comfort food and so bad for you indulgences really holds my attention.

Seems to be a downtown theme running here, and living in Stoney Creek and all, makes some sense why I have not acted on these. Next is a newer place, at least to me, that seems to be one of the 1st of the burger bar trend in this area. And they have a website even!!!

Chuck’s Burger Bar
194 Locke Street South,
Hamilton, ON L8P 4B4
(905) 525-1000

Wow this has to be close to Big Ed’s. I am definitely drawn by the choices in cheese, burger type- they have actual bacon burgers that are in fact strictly ground bacon, bison is always a good choice as well- they have a good variety of add ons and cheeses and I am very perplexed / hyped up about the prospect of deep fried turkey wings- at $10 a kilogram!! Some of the Chucks Favorite burgers also sound amazing, and prices are surprisingly decent for both the items and the area it’s located in. This is a must try no doubt.

Again another choice in the general downtown area, as well this is also very close proximity to Big Ed’s and Chuck’s.

Rolly Rockets
470 King St West
Hamilton, ON L8P 1B7
(905) 393-3555

Now I have kind of tried Rollys before, at their booth at festival of Friends, they were extremely busy and the food seemed to suffer for it, my pulled pork was a little dried out and was not very much tequila bbq sauce on it at all. But with the volume of orders and food going out, this can be understood. I like the idea of Southern BBQ, hell BBQ in general, there are not a lot of options in this city and this place also hosts every UFC pay per view which is a bonus. They are rumoured to be making a second location out this way someday soon at double rinks..and delivery is rumoured ..even better. Before that though, I need to get the full experience from the original.

What is with Stoney Creek here, there are so few non fast food options. There is one place that definitely has been on my radar for awhile tho, and they even supposedly deliver- they advertise they do at least, but 3 times in last year or so I called during their supposed hours, around six, and was told not an option.
The Attic Pizza
89 King Street East
Stoney Creek, ON L8G 1K5
(905) 664-7530

I am forever in search of a good pizza place, that uses fresh, not frozen or massively processed ingredients, like the big chains and the mom and pops all do. The Attic seems to be what I am looking for. There is a slight detterent for sure tho, according to a lot of online reviews it has gone downhill and suffers from inconsistent service and food issues.

The next one is my last, not because it’s the only other place on my list but more so that I have to get to some Jason related activities, that are vital to the rest of my day. This has to be the most recommended, and one of the most highly rated places in this city easily. But again is miles away from me. This is a very high ranking place on my list

Chicago Style Pizza Shack
534 Upper Sherman Avenue, Hamilton, ON (905) 575-8800 ‎

I really hate the area tho, east mountain is really rundown and depressing for me, I had lived there for 6 months and it was among the worst time frames in my life. During this time was also the infamous Mr Sub murder. But moving forward, this seems to be highly regarded and from what I have seen from a co worker bringing in left overs, is massive portions and looks very well made. I love the idea of deep dish but no one around here offers it and the chains that claim to, it’s a sad imitation at best.

Well here is a few, Drop me a line if you have any thoughts or experiences on these places, or if I am missing a hidden gem in Stoney Creek. Or if you own a place or one of these places and maybe I’ll check you out.

Red Rockets Review

17 Jul

Red Rockets
Phone: 905-578-4664

*Website is still under construction. Really?? Has been over 3 years now at least.*

Red Rockets is kind of hidden away in a plaza diagonal to Eastgate Square. It is slightly behind Eastside’s and very easy to overlook. As well they are strictly take out or delivery and have no eat in area at all. Lately I have found myself becoming more and more addicted to wings and last Saturday night, having the night off and not feeling going out figured I would order in. The delivery choices for wings in my area is poor at best, There is the dreadful Wing King a few blocks down and some hit and miss Mom and Pop pizza joints, with varying quality wings- almost always are soggy, or the major chains, and lets face it, Domino’s and Pizza hut wings are over priced and sub par at best, and Pizza Pizza’s are a little cheaper but are completely hit and miss. I once had ordered in chalet wings from Swiss Chalet, which were good and all but nearly $30 for 16 pieces delivered.

So Red Rockets was definitely my best choice, I have ordered several times in the past and about 75 percent of the time, they have been great.

So I went with the usual Combo # 3, which includes 3 pounds of wings- approx 36 pieces- 2 large fries- more like wedges really- 1 large caesar salad and a veggies and dip. Normally I go with half hot and have medium, but tonight I opted for half medium and half honey mustard, and added a blazing hot on the side. All and all with taxes and delivery in, came to $36.10. So is a little on the pricey side.

I have read a lot of reviews on line discussing poor phone service, when orders are placed and I have yet to experience this, the young lady is always cheery, efficent and attentive, never once had any issues with being rushed or rude service. The food arrived within the promised 30-45 minutes easily and was perfectly hot still, which with delivery around here is kind of rare. The wedges/fries were excellent, but really could have used gravy- this was my fault for forgetting to order- the gravy there is excellent. The wings are breaded, and very well sauced, not so much crispy but acceptable texture wise. The honey mustard was very good, not as good as the fool and flagon variety but a definite hit nonetheless. The medium as always, was a nice blend of sweet and a little heat and disappeared quickly. The salad was as well a complete win, which again around here is a rare occasion, so many places down here manage to make a disaster of a caesar. It is not as good as Eastsides…but really whose is? but a decent effort.

Red Rockets again was a good choice, I would take a lot of these online reviews that are negative with a grain of salt. I have ordered easily 15 times, in last 4 years and only twice food was subpar but service has never been an issue.

Rating: 8.5 out of Ten

come on with the website already.

An update of sorts

24 May

New posts coming in next week or so. Alice Cooper and a revisit to an old favorite made for an awesome night and will definitely update about that. As well as some old favorite updates and in the coming weeks a new place will be tried and reviewed. Any business owners want me to try your menu, leave me a comment and I will be glad to get in touch, with just under 1000 views, in only a year of this blog with minimal advertising and promotion, with the upcoming promotion I am going to be going forward with , this is an excellent opportunity for local restos and even some newer chains. Will work on a certificate / plaque system for excellence for you to post if you pass the grade.

An update of Sorts

3 Oct

Wow life has been at a neck breaking hectic pace lately and both my blogs have admittingly suffered. Well I can promise as things now begin to slow down there will be a better commitment to bringing more posts to both weekly at minimum, also look for the creation some time soon of another blog, representing my other major passion in life, Horror Movies.

Well here are a few quick updates on previous rated places and I’ll be adding a new post in a few minutes.

Mary Brown’s: I have to say it is becoming a favorite with my household, not for the chicken or taters but for the amazing Big Mary sandwich, definitely a winner and with the $2 off Monday special makes a great thing even better. This sandwich is so perfect, nicely crispy breaded and the white meat was so moist and the mayo and pickle on top…absolute perfection.

Miri Cafe: Again went for breakfast and again great food. Melissa this time went with a very large breakfast special, for $6 included 3 pancakes, so very amazing beef sausages, excellent 14 grain toast, and home fries. I of course, being creature of habit that I am, went with the BLT again, I even put on my big boy pants and left the tomato on, and again was damn good.

Quality Pizza: Wow 2 Saturdays back i ordered a combo with an Xtra Large pizza and wings and what not, the pricing wasn’t bad as always, nor was the food, however ordering at 230pm on Saturday and receiving order at 405pm is not acceptable, sorry but the lame oh we are busy and lack of any apology or service is a cardinal sin, there are too many other places as good or better with quicker and more helpful service.

Lococcos: On a recent grocery shopping expedition, I found to my surprise that Lococco’s ever evolving lunch counter now sells pizza for $1.50 a slice. I was really not expecting anything, but was treated to by far the best slice I have ever had. They used very thick cut real bacon strips, some really good balled sausage and a perfect spiced pepperoni, add to that a very thin crispy crust and of course some very greasy, well done cheese, I was in pizza heaven.

King’s Buffet: Yesterday, so very far away…. Well King’s when can we ever have a consistent experience, just when I was back on your bandwagon, you bring me yesterday, early lunch service. Several spots in the buffet had no items at all, and missing was calamari- replaced by deep fried squash- WTF- buffalo chicken again sadly missing…again damn burnt pizza. Top it off with a very poor server…
I know I’ll be back but only one more chance….