Yummy 83 review

28 Feb

Yummy 83
301 Fruitland Road
L8E 5M1 Stoney Creek

I first have to get this out. I love internet ordering. So much so that if a company does not have it, I am likely not using them. It avoids stupid phone staff, screwed up orders and you know exact totals and what not right away. Just Eat is a great site for that, since most web site ordering places are major chains, this way Mom and Pop and even a bigger variety of cuisine are featured and able to offer.

I have had Yummy’s twice and both times was surprised in a good way. We ordered the dinner for 4, consisting of 4 egg rolls, sweet & sour chicken balls, beef chow mein, chicken with vegetable & almonds, deep fried chicken wings, deep fried breaded shrimp, chicken fried rice (large), fortune cookies, was $34.99 + taxes and $4 delivery charge. By far even with a higher delivery, best value in our area.

The food arrived very fast and I loved the packaging on the chicken and vegetables and beef chow mein, was not the annoying and messy tin foil bowls but was hard plastic bowls and covers, a lot like Swiss Chalet sends. So was no spilled items in the bag. A negative for sure was the shrimp still had tails, this is just wrong for me, but they were otherwise excellent. The sweet and sour sauce is slightly different from the average places not sure how exactly but it is great and the chicken balls are among the best I have had. The wings were good but not great, i hate egg rolls and refuse to eat them, I like the amount of greens in the chicken and vegetable and the rice was perfect, i prefer pork personally but the chicken was phenomenal.

Yummy 83 is definitely a new favorite and a needed one, with both
Amy’s and wok around both going down hill lately. If only they would make crab rangoon.

Rating 8.5 out of ten


O’Neill’s Review

11 Dec

L8H 2W3
Phone: 905-549-7066
* No current website*

O’Neill’s seems to have almost legendary status in east end. Ask anyone about it pretty much and always seems to be same thing. Always mentioned is the massive Pugger Burger and a close second is damn good milk shakes. Now years ago I had tried O’Neill’s for delivery, actually a few times but to this day I have never stopped in. Never really has occured to me to do so.

So needing a change on a rare Friday night we were both off, and facing abysmal rainy weather, Melissa and I debated what to do for dinner, of course was the old standbys, but we wanted something more. O’Neill’s came to mind. Now one major issue, is a lack of website and/or an online menu. This is 2011 people, and both or one or the other would no doubt increase sales. I found the menu for the Mountain location online, which is apparently under different ownership now, so I used it as a guideline.

Calling O’Neill’s on a Friday night was a chore of sorts, they are definitely doing fair business, it took 5 calls to get thru, all other calls prior were greeted with a voicemail asking to callback, which can be off putting and may even cause some people to go elsewhere, but I endured. I over ordered as I always seem to, and it turns out the Barton location prices are lower than the mountain, which was a pleasant surprise.

We both ordered a pugger burger, a 1 pound burger that comes with onion rings, I of course went with my usual, mustard, mayo and pickles, the burger already had bacon and cheese included. These were decent value at $7.49 each, one of the cheapest in town even. I also ordered a combo platter that had 3 pizza fingers and 3 chicken strips with fries $8.95, and a deluxe garlic bread $6.95 and of course 2 chocolate shakes. Delivery was shockingly cheap at $2.50, there are places on this block that are almost double that, and O’Neills is a good 10 minutes away from here.

Food arrived very fast considering how busy they were, maybe took a bit over 30 minutes. My burger was well cooked and well seasoned, was a little sparse on the condiments I ordered but was pretty good otherwise. It had a nice garlic taste to it and the bacon was cooked perfectly. The cheese was kind of overwhelmed by the beef, maybe ordering an extra slice could fix this. The deluxe garlic bread, a previous favorite of mine, was a letdown, on 2 reasons, First was my own fault, I had forgotten to specify I wanted hot peppers, you have to ask, and secondly and a major issue at that, it was placed in one of those styrofoam to go containers, so was a soggy soaking wet mess. I am sure last time they sent it in a foil wrap, which prevented this, it was definitely a miss for sure. The onion rings with the burger were very good, crispy and well cooked, were a perfect side. The combo platter, which we had bought for the Pizza fingers, we had loved them before, was not so good either. There was a good amount of fries, which were not in greatest form from the styrofoam container, but they were still ok, the chicken strips were a little smaller than most places, but were pretty good, the plum sauce it came with was excellent but was not enough in the container. But the main attraction, the pizza fingers were just plain awful. Way over fried and I came to realize they are the $10 a bag variety from Food Basics, which I on occasion buy and fry up myself, much better than these were. Safe to say this old favorite item has passed on for us.

My biggest surprise was the chocolate shakes, $3.95, for a really good size. I am not one for ice cream, shakes or anything the like. As well, I am not a chocolate person, but I have to say these shakes were excellent, very thick and had a very good chocolately flavor. I would definitely get them again.

O’Neill’s has definitely a sort of cult following and I can see why, The prices are very fair, food for the most part is very good and portions are huge. This isn’t gourmet or healthy but it’s plain and simple comfort food, great for a rainy day in. A website is so needed tho c’mon please??

Rating: 8.25 out of Ten


6 Dec

IN next few days will be a new review ..O’neills on Barton, which seems to be a favorite in town. Check back and thanks again

Union Burger – Round 2

9 Nov

In interest of fairness, as I did go in on the 2nd day of operation and do fully understand that it often takes awhile to get things into order, I returned, as I had promised at the end of my previous review to Union Burger, with an open mind, 3 weeks ago Friday.

This time I went with a great canadian burger combo – was around $10 and a Bourbon Street burger $6.99.

What a mistake. The great canadian burger was lousy, somehow they made peamal bacon- a personal favorite meat – bland. The burger again seemed to be either frozen- which they deny- or low grade beef. It was just not good on any level. Fries again were a hit, but are overpriced. Definitely some of the better fries around.

Now the Bourbon burger?? Definitely a canidate for worst burger I have ever eaten, not as bad as Greek Palace mind you, but in the running nonetheless. The bourbon sauce is way too runny, it’s almost like they added a crap bbq sauce to 3 shots of straight cheap bourbon, it had a water like consistancy and was just wrong. The carmelized onions overpowered the rest of the items, hell this could have been a carmelized onion and bourbon sandwich, with a few drops of bbq sauce. Sure tasted like it. The bacon, cheddar and patty were completely overwhelmed by them. Another note again is the odd plastic texture that the buns have. It just feels wrong.

On a good note, well for them, Union Burger seems to be relatively busy on a regular basis, likely the new factor. But frankly for the cost and subpar quality, I can guarantee I will never be back. A side note, oddly is that 5 Guys, is only $2-$4 more and is more food and appears to be lightyears ahead. I’ll check them out very soon.

Union burger, it’s over for me.

Rating 2.5 out of Ten

Maybe a cheaper, large sized order of fries and I would be back.

If anyone wants a free, buy 6 get 1 free Union Burger Card, with two stamps already, leave me a message and i’ll send mine to you.

Two Favorites Gone

24 Sep

So Harvest Burger is gone for good, which I was heartbroken over but today I noticed another Favorite, Miri Cafe, has been closed and in it’s place is a Roti/Jerk place now. So hopefully some new favorites will emerge and wish the best to both the owners of Miri and Harvest Burger. Thanks for some great meals

Union Burger Review

14 Sep

Union Burger Hamilton
140 Centennial Parkway North, L8E 1H9
T. 289-389-7332
F. 289-389-0950

When Crabby Joe’s failed I was so excited by the prospects, at 1st was a flyer for Union Burger, which I had never heard of in the window, then a Man vs Food Restaurant that had a website and was an absolute joke, a franchise with no locations in existance, trying to sell an idea. Eventually they started building and it was obvious Union Burger prevailed. An interesting note, both the coffee shop- whom’s name escapes me- and the Union Burger, are part of the same group that created Crabbys.

I was real excited when on a recent dog walk that the place had finally come together. The decor is really modern, shades of grey with touches of color here and there. So Monday- yesterday- turned out to be opening day. I went today, Tuesday.

I love the decor, but the layout, with the pop fountain by the condiments was a huge source of frustration. Too many people got in the way. I so badly was hoping they would be the first Canadian company to bring in the new coke machines- the ones with 180 flavours- but was the same one as burger king. I was surprised by the condiment choices for fries, sea salt, a welcome addition, cider vinegar and malt…I love me vinegar. I noticed a theme online about their fries being too small, for me not such an issue.

So after the death of my beloved Harvest Burger, was a Union to be my saviour? Well, no, really. It reminds me why I am anti union in all aspects of life. The food was overpriced, skimpy on toppings, I ordered the Philly Burger for $6.99 was barely any red peppers, a 1/4 pound patty at best, some flavorless mozzarella, very skimpy but nice tang steak sauce and 2 alright onion rings. Melissa ordered the Mushroom Swiss, which she actually preferred the Wendy’s version. I had a bite, it was alright, some decent mushrooms but tasteless swiss cheese. I also ordered a little bacon cheese burger, which came with no cheese as well as mustard, mayo, pickles. For $4.78, what a rip off. The Mcdonalds $1.39 version is bigger. And they don’t forget not only your cheese, but also these guys forgot my pickles. 1 last thing, they claim fresh beef, but taste wise, Tony’s on Main, and the now dead Harvest Burger, had a far different taste. To me this was the new Burger King and McDonalds premium burgers, injected with water to keep some moisture. These were sadly preformed and likely frozen patties…especially the little burger.

So I will take this as I did for the oddly close Mary Brown’s ..Inconclusive. The poor staff did their best, the manager was a complete female parts vulgarity, was rude to me, and her employee and she needs to go…seriously this woman reminded me of Ma from the Goonies movie – just not fat, but very unattractive, and vulgar mouthed and rude. I will return, with another coupon, my lobby is littered with them, everyone threw them out- I live in an Indian mostly area so beef is a no go. Maybe it was a bad day.

But for now, I can’t say I hate it, Melissa did. I give it a
probationary mark of 4.95 out of ten. I will return, on a better day. I think it’s just opening jitters..I hope. Also a besides point, $3.99 a pint, with a bar behind you, that sells $13.49 pitchers, I can see another Crabbys coming on. Maybe the coffee house will do better or maybe they will change their skimpy ways and load up the burgers.

Soon going to see Chuck..at Chucks Burger Bar…I love your options, but hate the location..I will see you soon tho

Local Pizza Delivery Showdown- Stoney Creek border

8 Aug

coming soon, local pizza showdown, 2 places created this, but many have made it above and beyond. Been a long while, If you have improved send me a link. This is not wood fired or gourmet, but the non chain, mass produced, kind. If you are below, you Qualify and send your best to me.

Pizza Bell 96 Centennial Pky S
Stoney Creek, ON L8G 2C8
(905) 573-7333

Quality Pizza 2372 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON L8E 2W7

Pizza Inferno 141 Hwy 8
Stoney Creek, ON L8G 1C1

Pizza Gurman* 125 Gailmont Dr, Hamilton, ON L8K 4B8

Go-Go Pizza & Submarines*
215 Melvin Ave, Hamilton, ON L8H 2J9

Attic Pizza Parlour*
89 King St E, Stoney Creek, ON L8G 1K5

Valentino’s Place*
2815 Barton E, HAMILTON, ON L8E 2J8
* I know a chain, but I loved the Centre mall and Upper James incarnations

Star Pizza*
450 Highway 8, Stoney Creek, ON L8G 1G6
I called 3 times and despite your flyer, was told no delivery in a year period

Miceli Brothers Bakery*
507 Barton St, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 2L7
I doubt you have delivery ..too bad

Express The*
349 Grays Rd, Hamilton, ON L8E 2Z1
New kids in town, a lot of Indian food, but never tried your pizza,
samosa’s are hit and missed and centennial has some good samosa’s as an add on. Kebab pizza is interesting.

Napoli Pizza & Panini*
1247 Highway No 8, STONEY CREEK, ON L8E 5G9
Final one that makes the cut, never tried

* denotes I have never tried you- Attic, I had called 3 times in 1 year during your online posted delivery hours and was never delivery.
Star was the same.