23 Aug

It has been a very long time since I have posted here and this is the end. My marriage of 16.5 years ended on July 26th 2014, My wife had met a new neighbors 19 year old son on July 14th, and was convinced they were in love and threw me out of our home and moved him in, since they are engaged. So I have left Hamilton, likely forever. I hope you all have found some use out of this, or entertainment, I will actually miss the area surprisingly enough, and although I am heart broken and worn out, I will endure this, and maybe one day even return to the city and renew this journey. But in any case, be well, thanks for your views, Peace, love and empathy . Jason-Wayne.


La Luna Express Review

27 Nov

La Luna Express
Hamilton East
160 Centennial Parkway N
(Between Queenston and Barton)
Phone: 905-662-2222

I have little knowledge of Lebanon, the Lebanese people or their food and culture. Sure, I remember in the 1980s there being a situation there much akin to Afganistan today, but besides it’s geographic location, that is all I know.

I love shawarmas, tho. For me, there is no better end of the night drunk food. It seems to be a hangover prevention standby, with it’s creaminess, spiciness and meatiness.

La Luna Express, Hamilton East, is in the same plaza as the Crazy Clover, a bit down from Mary Browns….aka my backyard / point of living area. It is very clean, inviting and modern appearance wise…ok whom I am kidding, ambience means nothing to me.

I went with the Beef Shawarma- $6.19 + taxes, and a chicken – same price for Melissa. To go and of course … no onions. I am often mocked about my childish hatred of onions but hey I have the same for tomatos, but opted for them in this case. The wraps were made fresh and quickly considering were done so, and in my full view. Of course I opted for the hot sauce.

Well, I have to say this DAMN!!!!!!!!! The pickles are a very nice touch, actually I have never encountered another shawarma place with them.. they bring an awesome tanginess and crunchiness to this wrap. The tahini I believe, I actually prefer to the normal tsakiki sauces of the downtown shwarma places, and it blends so amazingly with the hot sauce. The shredded beef was to die for. Succulent, tender and nicely seasoned. This is my new go to place. Also it is priced very nicely compared to other local competitors. This will be my new addiction. Definitely recommend

RATING: 9 out of Ten

just awesome

Buffalo Wild Wings – Stoney Creek – Review

7 Aug

Locations Website:

A few months ago, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Bdubs, opened finally in this area, which the company in general is new to this country, since the abysmal Wild Wings tried to stop them, claiming would confuse consumers. For a long time I have been procrastinating going there, despite being extremely close to the Walmart, that is a short walk from my home. However, 60 cent wings are hard for me to pass, and being a Tuesday with more money extra then I knew what to do with, I had to indulge.

Appearance wise, it’s new, standard big chain bar, although it had more screens then I have ever seen. I wanted to eat on the patio, but did not, no fault of the establishment, but there is heavy construction still going on at the power centre, and I am made very ill by the smell of fresh tarmac. So we ate in the dining room. We were immediately introduced to the experience and menu by a very friendly, and attractive server, Ashley, whom went over the finer points of the menu and even made some recommendations. As per her recommendation, Melissa tried the amazing Huckleberry Lemonade, -$3.49 + tax and 1 free refill-, it was perfectly sweet and tart, for this time of year, she also got a refill, an excellent cherry limeade. I went with a coke to start and we picked an appertizer, $4.99 salsa and chips, the chips were still warm and the salsa was very fresh and had a nice tang to it. Over this time, we ended up with a second server, I did not catch her name, but she was great in providing refills of my coke- which are free.

The main highlight of course, was to be the wings. They were cooked perfectly but were a little on the smaller side, but at 60 cents a piece, still a good value. I opted for 10 pieces of hot BBQ, and 10 pieces of Kickin’ Honey Garlic. I was not a big fan of the honey garlic, but in all honesty it is no fault of theirs, I generally don’t like sweet wings. I was very pleased with the smoky, and slightly heated hot bbq, it was even better dipped in a bit of blue cheese. Melissa opted for the Parmesan Garlic variety, which she adored, I found it was ok, but again this is purely not my taste, as well as the Asian Zing, which she disliked. I found it to be a combination of teriyaki and a chili thai sauce, by no means bad, but not great either. These were sent with a VERY large order of celery and carrots, and we found ourselves leaving a lot of celery behind.

All in all, a decent place, very good service and was only $41 after taxes for 40 wings, 1 lemonade, 1 limeade, 3 cokes and chips and salsa. I will definitely return, only next time on the boneless wings Thursdays-65 cents a piece-.

Rating: 9 out of Ten

Pros: Great service, awesome salsa, well cooked wings, great lemonade and limeades.

Cons: the construction going on makes it a nightmare to get to, and makes the patio less appealing- again no fault of the establishment, and some of the alcoholic beverages are a little pricey, but they are on par with other similar places.

Valley Charcoal Restaurant

5 Jun

Valley Charcoal
44 King St. W
Dundas ON, L9H 1T7
Phone #: 905-628-0020


In a world that seems so very far away, Sometime in the Mid to Late 1980’s, I first encountered and fell in love with Valley Charcoal.
I had been a sleep over at an old friends, I think I was maybe 9 years old, their parents had decided to take us out for breakfast. Their choice, you guessed it was the Valley. Back then it was at the plaza on Cootes drive, where Subway now occupies. It was greasy, rundown, and out of date, my idea of perfection, and no doubt, along with the Kreseges diner, one of the main factors of my love of diners.

The Valley moved in the 1990’s I believed, right beside the then still running Super Sub, so it always presented a debate for myself, they were both so damn good. I bet it was pretty close to 50/50 as to which I went to.

Since then, life has changed a lot. I grew up, graduated and moved out of the area, into the Downtown core of Hamilton and now Stoney Creek. But my love of the Valley always remains. So on my recent biannual visit to my parents, it was my definite dinner choice, as always it did not disappoint.

The valley cheeseburgers, $3.69+ taxes are always my go to item. IN fact with the exception of the breakfast, they are the only items I have ever tried there. Hey, why bother with anything else, when an item is so well done? They also have a decent assortment of toppings, I normally go for the Jason standard, as I do every place, mustard, mayo, pickles and hot peppers. As always the burgers were absolutely immaculate. Perfectly juicy and well topped and not overwhelming the cheese. We also opted for fries and rings, they are not great but definitely get the job done. We opted for take out, so part of the whole diner/dive experience I love is lost.

As Dundas changes further and further, becomes less familiar,
more modernized, it’s always comforting to have an old piece of my past still going and thriving. Glad to see there are still somethings I can still rely on, in this ever changing world.

Rating: 8.5 out of Ten


5 Jun

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Valentinos Place

31 May

this is a double review as was both same chain, but different locations.
824 King Street West
(905) 523-4240


2815 Barton Street East
(905) 561-3188

Years ago I fell in love with Valentinos Place. Well more correctly, the Centre Mall location, for it’s amazingly greasy pepperoni slices from heaven, and the Mountain Plaza Mall, for it’s caesar salad to die for. Unfortunately, both locations were casualities of their respective malls being torn down to become those nefarious big box stores.

So needless to say I had a void.

A few weeks ago, on a very nice mid spring day, Melissa and I ventured out to Westdale, I had an urge to go to Comic Connection, where I had not been in 16+ years. I then remembered the Westdale Valentinos, a place I always put off going to, for years on end.
The facility itself is very well maintained and has a nice, rustic and dark look to it, but being around 4pm and only 1 other table in the place taken, is a warning to me. Regardless tho, we decided on the 12 slice pepperoni pie $16.99+ taxes, 2 drinks. We were surprised when our server came to the table with some garlic bread strips, a nice free touch, and parmesan and chilies. The drinks were free refills, a nice touch, but the wait for the pizza was substantial. Maybe 30 minutes. Eventually, a steaming hot, fairly large pie arrived at our table. The topping distribution was a little sparser than I would have liked, but the pepperoni had a nice mild kind of spice to it, was nicely crispy and the cheese was decent. It was fairly greasy, but not as much as the fabled centre mall slices. All in all, I was underwhelmed. It was by no means bad, but the price was substantially more than most other local places, and was nothing special quality wise.

Rating: 6 out of Ten


Valentinos Place, Stoney Creek, is not recognized by the other locations for some reason, but I had hopes that it would not let me down on my quest for the all mighty greasy slice, of yesteryear.
We ordered for delivery. For a twelve slice, Three topping, was $21 with tax and delivery. It arrived fairly quickly. We went with Pepperoni, Mushrooms and Green pepper, a combo that normally is a good gauge of how good a place is, being so basic and all.
Sadly I was not a big fan. The green peppers were still very crunchy, actually it seemed as if they were added after cooking, I prefer the opposite. The mushrooms were fresh and decent, and pepperoni was alrite too. The reality tho, again like the other location, is that it was just mediocre really. Again, there is better places for way better prices.

Not a horrible experience, but not sure I would do it again.
Rating: 6.5 out of Ten

I’d give the Stoney Creek location a slight edge, for having a functional website, slightly better prices, and quicker service.

New zinger Doubledown, Hamilton Ontario

6 Mar


In the first non canon review on the site is a new item that I had not heard of until today,  that I had to share with everyone.  The zinger doubledown, is here., as well as the regular version again.  


I tried the zinger variety today,  $6.99+ taxes.  Was same basic make up as original version, save the chicken breasts themselves.  They were the new spicy and crispy zinger type,  now I had not like the zinger sandwich itself, but this was astoundingly good.  This version is far less greasy, and holds together better and the breast filets are far larger in size.  The zinger has a very nice crunch to it and the cayenne infused breading goes very well with the jack cheese and the colonels sauce.  Again tho the bacon is kinda a lost cause and adds nothing really but calories to the item.  


This was a very pleasant surprise, well spiced and very filling, only complaint really is price.

Rating: 8.5 out of ten

And being march I followed this up with a McD’s shamrock shake